Veteran Transition Skills

Soldier and Veteran Transition Skills

Veteran Transition — When veterans leave military jobs, they usually need to undergo job re-training for them to be able to tackle the green careers very well. The veterans have the ability to get acquainted with new skills as well as concepts and they can easily be absorbed into your workforce with skills that can be transferred as well as identified in the real world situations. When the veterans get out of service, they transition back into civilian life and that implies that they have to get a job that will be supporting them in their daily living.

If you have got a company and you have got jobs, you might want to consider employing the veterans for they bring with them unique skills as well as experience. They have got outstanding work ethics which they got as a result of the training in the military and therefore they will make very outstanding employees. They may however need job re-training so that they can be aligned with the activities that go on in your company.

Some of the outstanding attributes that the veterans have included the following: They have got superior decision-making skills that are accompanied with quick as well a clear line of thought. Their leadership skills are exceptional, and that is as a result of successfully serving in very challenging operational environments.

The veterans have got the right know-how as well as experience that enable them to work as great team-leaders as well as natural team players. And with their outstanding work ethics, the veterans have got an undying commitment to producing the best results in the work that they are doing.

But when it comes to transitioning to civilian life and finding jobs in the green careers, the veterans are faced with some hurdles. The government of the United States of America together with other corporations is coordinating in order to meet the needs of the veterans with various programs, resources as well as services.

The government, through the department of defense and veterans affairs offers boot camp services that are aimed at transforming the military vets to training, education as well as the qualifications for the service members. In the boot camps, the veterans get counseling services and the information about the opportunities that they can go for.

The boot camps are of great importance in helping the veterans to acquire the right education programs as well as job re-training programs that are aimed at meeting their needs and leave them ready for the next career they want to pursue.

Businesses like Accenture, Amazon, AT&T and many others are also doing their best to come up with programs that will equip the veterans with the skills that will help them secure a job or start a business to support themselves. Accenture for instance is one of the companies that are working with other nonprofit organizations to broaden IT training programs, professional skills as well as mentorship programs that will help the veterans get jobs or start their own businesses.

Being in the military service can be a promising career for most of the younger generation. But as you know, not all soldiers end up having high ranks. Rank promotions can give higher salary for those who happen to avail a higher position than the average soldier. But there are too many soldiers for the lesser high ranks. This can mean that along the way, some soldiers prefer to convert their career path back into the civilian workforce that can provide them with better income.

But the sad fact of this career transition is that most of those who opted to de-list themselves from the military services find it hard to place themselves in normal jobs. It may be the fact that they have gotten used to the military life that often involves little social interaction with the greater popularity.

The psychological, emotional, and social profile of soldiers might hinder them from properly conducting themselves in the civil environment especially for those who have been in the front lines. Of course, it depends from case to case but this has been observed to most of the ex-military personnel who tried to get back into the civilian scenes.

Amidst the mentioned setbacks, all ex-military personnel deserves a job outside the military. They can be treated differently with their background but they can still find jobs that can suit their other skills and knowledge apart from combat.

Your performance and function capabilities has been instilled in the military service and so they should bank on them to get the job that they want. Apart from the two, they should also spend time in reflecting on their other skills that can be made useful in commercial companies that might need them. Make a check list on your weaknesses and strengths as an individual. Jot them down and then pick out at least five of them.

An excellent resume should also represent an ex-military. Instead of focusing on your military rank and mentions, you should emphasize on your skills and qualities first. This can save you from a lot of explaining to human resource personnel upon interview. Skills and qualities should be your main selling points to your desired company or job position.

Reach out to support groups that can cater your needs. The Transition Assistance Program or TAP greatly assists in giving you support and resources in going back to the civilian work force. Some of the organization’s programs involve giving out free training in blue-collared jobs like plumbing or electrical repair to ex-military personnel to give them additional skills in using in their job transition.

Also, do not be afraid of exploring job options that can actually work for you. Some jobs at first does not necessarily fit for your profile but do not be hesitant in trying a few fields before you make up your mind in treading down another career. Study new skills and or take up special classes to put more skills value to yourself.

Job transition takes a lot of adjustment. It is necessary to be patient with yourself so as to prevent frustration due to high expectations.


A military to civilian transition has many challenges. From adjusting to the civilian workplace to choosing a new career path to interviewing for and landing your next position, there are a lot of tasks to complete on your way to a new career.

One thing that can add an extra layer of challenge is living abroad during or leading up to your transition. Though it is often adds additional challenges, living abroad also means you have unique experiences that are attractive to potential employers. With that in mind, let’s examine how to jump-start your transition process while living abroad.

Friends and Family

One of the best ways to get a jump-start on a career transition from abroad is to contact family and friends back here in the States. Why do this? Put simply, it’s a great way to begin the networking work you’ll need to maintain throughout your transition. Family and friends can be a great resource for gathering information about potential companies to work for, what the culture is like at various employers, and with whom you should make contact in general.

Another “friends and family” resource to include on your list of individuals to whom you should reach out as you begin your transition are other former service members. Commanding officers, fellow officers, fellow enlisted soldiers – more or less anyone who knows you well and could provide assistance when developing your network has valuable information to share with you. What’s more, you may be surprised how willing friends and family will be to help with your transition.

Talent Acquisition Companies

Talent acquisition companies, more commonly called “headhunters” are firms that help companies with their staffing needs. These firms specialize in finding the right person for a particular vacancy, and they’re designed to work for the career-changer. Talent acquisition companies are paid by the companies who would hire you – they’re not paid by you personally – so they are a good option for many transitioning veterans. In particular, a veteran with 15-20+ years of service is often a good fit for a talent acquisition company.

What type of career would you find using a talent acquisition company? Since headhunting firms are typically large organizations based all over the world, they hire for careers and positions that are also based all over the world, not necessarily just in the US. If you’re interested in international service when you get out of the military, they may be a great way to find a position you might not otherwise discover.


Veterans who have been living abroad and are now entering the transition phase out of the military will experience an extra layer of challenge. While this can’t be avoided, veterans abroad can look to family and friends to help develop their network – an area they may need to burnish having lived abroad – and maximize the skills and experiences they have acquired abroad to find their next fulfilling career. Talent acquisition companies are often a good way to find a career and a position that fits the skills developed by veterans who have lived abroad for period of time, in particular if you wish to remain abroad.

Ultimately though, no matter whether you plan to remain abroad or return home, you can get a good jump-start on the transition process by building your network of contacts and also by considering using a company that can effectively translate your unique experiences into a rewarding career.

Key Take-Aways

Living abroad adds a layer of challenge, but it also means you have something unique to offer potential employers
Don’t be afraid to utilize friends and family to help develop your network, you’ll need it to make a successful transition

Because you have unique skills and experiences from living abroad that are highly valuable to certain organizations, a talent acquisition company may be a good way to find your next employer

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