Why It Is Important to Show Our Troops That We Care

Why It Is Important to Show Our Troops That We Care

It is important to keep in touch with our soldiers overseas. During deployment our soldiers can have a difficult time adjusting due to separation anxiety. It is critical to have a communication plan in place when a loved one is deployed. Regular communication is extremely important because it keeps your soldier in high spirits.

Deployment creates a roller coaster of emotions. It is a very demanding and intense time. The troops can experience feelings of sadness and loneliness which can lead to anxiety and loss of sleep. The brave men and women of our country are not only experiencing emotions varying from one extreme from the next, but they are also adjusting to new living conditions.

Our country’s operational commitments throughout the world have increased and our military personnel are now faced more frequent and lengthy deployments. The impact of these long separations can take an emotional toll and staying connected is imperative to the troop’s welfare.

Put yourself in their position and try to really understand what they are going through. People feel good when they know someone cares and understands their situation. Be part of the support system that your soldier needs. Let them know that they have someone in their corner when they need it most!

Simple gestures of kindness, such as sending care packages, are easier than ever before and can “lift a soldier up by their bootstraps.” We no longer require steam boats, railroads, or postal riders on horseback to deliver packages. Snail mail is a thing of the past. Sending a care package through a web site takes the hassle out of finding boxes, filling out U.S. Customs forms, and the trip to the post office. You don’t have to worry about what items should not be packaged together for shipping purposes.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally sending an item that is not permitted. You can rest assured knowing that your selected package will make your loved one smile within 1 to 2 weeks. Sending love is easier and faster than ever before. Make a commitment to show your soldier continuous support throughout their deployment.

While it is important to remember loved ones, it is also important to remember that not everyone has someone back home to lift them up when they are feeling down. Ask your soldier if they know of someone who could use a smile. By sending a premium package you will give them the opportunity to share the love. If you are feeling extra generous, send your soldier two packages; one for them and one in which they can distribute the contents to their fellow brother’s and sister’s.

The brave people serving our country should feel the support of the country that they are dedicated to. There is no greater love than a love that is willing to sacrifice. Our Service members are doing that for us, so we need to take the time and show them love in return. We all have the opportunity to impact a soldier’s life. Have you touched soldier’s life lately?

“May no soldier go unloved, may no soldier walk alone, may no soldier be forgotten, until they all come home.”
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Our troops are doing a great service in maintaining world peace across many of the hot spots in the world today. This has meant that they are away from the country for prolonged periods of time. Maintaining troop morale is an important aspect of respecting and honoring the members of the armed forces.

You can also show your troop support by sending care packages to the men and women in the armed forces. These packages are specially put together with little essentials that make them feel at home in the alien environment that they have to operate in during the course of their routine duty cycle.

Most of us have many friends in the military and are eager to do our bit to make them feel special when they are on their tour of duty in international destinations. The soldiers deployed in all active stations live a frugal life due to operational constraints. This is why sending care packages is seen as the ideal way by which we can affirm our commitment in supporting our troops and making them feel special.

Many of us would find the task of putting together these military care packages difficult as we would not know how to strike the right balance in providing the soldiers with a good experience in the field. Some of the popular inclusions in packages are articles that help you maintain an optimum level of hygiene along with popular food and drink choices that would help the troops have a small treat when they are stationed in forward areas with limited facilities.

There are some dedicated websites that are exclusive stores offering military care packages that have some of the finest products in them. You can choose combination care packages having a mix of food and drink along with some articles essential to maintain hygiene.

This is sure to be of delight to our soldiers as they can have a good time with the food and drink while they can use the hygiene package to maintain the levels of hygiene that they are used to back home. These websites also take care of the necessary paperwork that has to accompany such packages. So, all you need to do is to make a particular order and you can be sure that the soldiers will be receiving your package in the shortest possible time.

If you are interested in putting together custom military care packages, you can do so by selecting individual items under the desired categories and grouping them together as a package that can then be sent to the recipient. The range of flexibility that these websites offer makes it easy for us to convey the troop support that we want to convey to the men and women who are sacrificing their comforts in keeping us safe in the country from all international threats.

Once these military care packages are ordered for from the website, they can be shipped to any APO or FPO address so that you can be sure that the intended recipient will enjoy the package that you have sent them and rededicate themselves in their service to the nation.

The Defense Appropriations Act provides for the allocation of money to the Department of Defense. Our soldiers are given wages and benefits while in active service with our U.S. Government. We know that. And we all know that the Veterans Administration provides impressive benefits to returning troops after active duty.

When military personnel return home, that active provision of personal care from the government starts to disappear. Now, it’s up to the veteran to reach out and care for his or her own needs. It’s a different kind of combat for them. If the veteran does not proactively reach out to take care of his/her own needs, the community can help.
Communities can use their own resources to help returning servicemen and women. What can communities do?

They can do so much more than donate money, clip coupons and have a parade.

Each community has valuable resources to offer our returning troops. Here are a few examples of after-care that communities can provide for the citizens who served in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

A neighbor noticed that the returning vet down the street did not venture outside his home for days at a time. The vet relied on food and drink that was delivered to his door. The vet’s wife and children were missing in action. The neighbor thought about “not getting involved.”

Instead, this neighbor knocked on the vet’s door and asked if he would be interested in speaking to the local Rotary International Club about his experience serving our country. He pulled himself together and accepted the insightful invitation to share some of his stories. It became the first of many speaking engagements he made. Our troops have a lot to say!

A young woman had returned from active duty in Iraq. She had returned to civilian life to resume her responsibilities as a mother of two young children. A mother at her children’s school approached the vet and asked if the two children could stay at her house a few days a week so that her own children could have play pals. Her real intention was to offer the vet some respite to allow her to transition into civilian life with stability. The offer was accepted with much emotion.

One community decided to dedicate one day a year to their own troops who served in combat. They reserved the community park and organized a large and active picnic with the sole purpose of honoring their own community veterans.

The vets are invited as honored guests and are not expected to help with food, entertainment, event logistics. Part of the celebrations included story time with some of the older veterans and the young children. The older vet was honored by the attention received from all the children who sat around him to hear any story he cared to tell about his background.

What can your community do? Every community has valuable resources that are unique to them. Nothing will happen without thought and action and that’s where your community can be creative. What can you offer your returning troops? What can your troops do to keep your community vibrant and alive and informed? Once you can put those together, we all win. And that’s what we want.

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