My Television Sent Me to War

My Television Sent Me to War

My Television Sent Me to War — People die – combatants and the civilians who get caught in harm’s way. And that is unfortunate. But it is the history of the wars that fascinate me, especially the most horrific conflict in human history – World War II. As a student of modern American history, I’m fortunate to receive access to the Military Channel and the remarkable documentaries that are presented on that TV station.

I enjoy watching and learning about the real-life struggles of the people caught on camera – in real time – more than sixty years ago. And I appreciate the fact that I can tune in to the Military Channel any time I want.

And when I do, I watch in complete awe as remarkably brave soldiers risk everything while they attempt to defeat their enemies. Observe just one of these incredible documentaries and you are likely to be amazed at the up-close-and-personal combat film footage that exists today so many years after the battles took place.

What is amazing, of course, is that unarmed “combat photographers” shot their film in real fire zones. It was not staged and it was very dangerous. Many of the photographers who went with the troops to islands such as Iwo Jima or Saipan, for example, or who raced through Italy with Patton’s army did not survive. Their bravery, under fire, is legendary.

My Television Sent Me to War

I often wonder, as I watch footage of Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, an ailing FDR and General Eisenhower what it was really like for these men in those tumultuous times. Every decision they made impacted the lives of so many others. I wonder, as well, what went through the minds of soldiers in landing boats as they approached an island where enemy fire awaited.

I know that they knew what seems so obvious now: many in those boats would not live to see another day. Would I have been brave enough to disembark from one of those landing craft as bullets whizzed all around me? It’s difficult to say.

One thing is clear to me: the combat soldiers of WWII have been recognized as “America’s greatest generation.” Thanks to the access I enjoy to networks such as the Military Channel, I have been able to see and understand the dangers they faced.

There is nothing more dramatic, exciting, and tension-filled than God’s blockbuster end-times drama. As with any great story, God’s gripping drama of Biblical prophecy contains conflicts, twists and turns, ironies, and exciting climaxes. (Yes, God’s end-times drama contains more than one climactic point.)

There is a sense in which that end-times story has already begun, as God aligns events and positions characters for the final seven years leading to the return of Christ. Thus, conflicts are occurring and the tension is mounting toward a climax.

One of those conflicts involves a mounting war against Israel. As with most effective conflicts, this one contains adversaries of the protagonist.

The ultimate protagonist, in this story, is the Lord Jesus Christ, while His “sweetheart” is Israel. Enemies of the protagonist are revealed by their treatment of the Jewish nation.

At this point, Israel is not the faithful “sweetheart” it will be in the future; yet the Lord has a special love for Israel, sees the potential in her, and knows that the Jewish nation will one day enter into an eternal intimacy with Him. Thus, in the meantime, anyone who messes with Israel messes with Christ.

In that sense, the conflict of the story is building, as the Washington Times reported on Wednesday of last week that China has been supplying arms to Hizbullah. Hizbullah, the anti-Israel, Iranian-funded terrorist organization headquartered in Lebanon (bordering Israel to its north), seeks to eliminate the Jewish state. In its war on Israel in 2006, it fired Chinese-made anti-ship missiles at Israeli sea craft.

However, though the missiles originated with China, Iranian specialists manned the firing batteries and radars for missile guidance. Thus, two more adversaries enter the conflict.

Currently, Hizbullah has become the most formidable non-state military force in the world, and all of its 50,000 rockets are trained on Israel. An arm of Iran, it is awaiting the command from the terrorist regime to begin the war against the Jewish state. Thus, the tension rises.

To intensify the tension even more, God has allowed Russia to step into the fray. Russia has threatened to take out the U.S. missile defense system in Europe by taking out the command and control systems which are linked directly to Israel’s missile defense network against Iran, Syria, and Hizbullah. Thus, in his warning last week, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev indirectly declared that Russia will not allow Iran to be prevented from missile retaliation in the event of an Israeli attack.

Iranian leadership is racing toward nuclear capability, in part, to destroy Israel. So should Israel launch a preemptive attack against Iran?

Former head of the Israeli Mossad, Danny Yatom, declared this past week that Israel cannot afford NOT to attack Iran. Not to do so is to live with the day-to-day stress wondering if this is the day that the Iranian leadership will drop a bomb on the Jewish state.

In addition, Yatom stated, it is impossible to stake Israel’s security on the confidence that it can deter Iran from striking. He acknowledged that if Israel launches a military attack, rocket would likely ensue from Lebanon and Gaza; however, he predicted that Israel’s response would be “so painful and crushing that rockets will come to an end.”

With indication from the U.S. State Department that the U.S. has removed from the table the military option against Iran, it appears that Israel is on its own. This heightens the tension even more, as the most capable military in the world has apparently bowed out of helping Israel. But can the Jewish nation go it alone against Iran?

Yaakov Katz, who covers the military for The Jerusalem Post, stated that from what he has learned from the Israeli Defense Forces, “there is a level of confidence that they have the ability to go it alone against Iran and to neutralize some of the key facilities that Iran has built up over the years.” However, Iran’s movement of its nuclear facilities-to a more fortified area (hidden deep underground and in mountainsides-appear to be somewhat alarming for Israeli leadership.

Military leaders indicate that this “further fortification of [Iran’s] uranium enrichment capabilities” could make the nuclear facilities “potentially immune to conventional military strike.” This means, Katz declared, that “the window of opportunity is closing” for an effective Israeli military strike on these nuclear sites.

This may mean that British authorities are correct-that Israeli leadership may give the order to launch a strike by Christmas. But, in the final analysis, will Israel do it?

Bible prophecy shows clearly that Iran will not eliminate the Jewish state; in fact, it will not do significant damage to Israel. This would indicate that the current Iranian regime will be replaced before it obtains nuclear capability. In fact, that comports with world leaders proclaiming “peace and security” (cf. 1 Thess 5:3) at the signing of a seven-year treaty between Israel and ten national leaders, as terrorism will need to be defeated before leaders can believe “peace and security” has arrived. For that to occur, Iran, the biggest supporter and promoter of terrorism in the world, will need to be neutralized by the deposing of its regime.

Therefore, it appears Israel will, indeed, launch a strike against Iran; and it likely will be soon. Thus, God’s exciting kingdom plan is building toward an exciting climax. While it will only be the first of others in God’s end-times blockbuster, still, it will be an incredible one-one which will begin an amazing series of events to start the clock ticking on the final seven years leading to the return of Christ.

The politics of war should be left in the hands of the military not the politicians. When engaged in battle the military leadership should have the ability to decide what are the proper actions to take for #1 to win and #2 to minimize our casualties. Its been proven time and time again when the politicians get involved with military decisions we suffer the loss of good men and women who serve our nation.

The Vietnam War (1964 to 1973) is a good example of politicians gone wild. Not only was this war botched by the political apparatus but it was our government that controlled the news media on what to report and what not to. Whether the war was something we should have gotten involved with or not is and never was the point in my estimation.

The point was Americans, the youth of our nation who were put in harm’s way with their hands tied behind their backs. I guess that was considered politically correct not to use the power and might at our disposal against a smaller country or weaker country that we are at war with. That kind of thinking cost us over 300,000 wounded with over 58,000 killed in action and over 700 POWs ( just over 100 died in captivity).

The men and women who served during the Vietnam War deserve our respect and our gratitude. The sacrifices they had to live through not only having served in the war but just being a soldier when the military was not very popular in those days.

The misreporting of atrocities propagated supposedly by American soldiers reflected upon all our military. Every war has atrocities that are carried out by both sides. This is a reality of war, it happened before Vietnam in other wars and still happens today. You never heard anything good about the actions of our service people over in Vietnam but there were plenty.

Our military did not lose the war in Vietnam. The fact is our military won every conflict and battle that it engaged in during that conflict. The politicians who wavered under public pressure resulting in tying the hands of our military leaders lost this political war.

Celebrate this Memorial Day and honor those fallen heroes of an unpopular war. If you know anyone that served their country during the Vietnam War whether stationed their or not show your appreciation for their devotion, their steadfast to stand with their country at a difficult time of our history. Visit and check their military clocks, military watches and military rings they offer at reasonable prices. They also have a Gifts4Her department for that special lady in your life.

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