Amazing! Behold The Dogs of War

Amazing! Behold The Dogs of War

The Dogs of War — When we think of the dogs of war, some people might remember the Devil Dogs feared by the Germans in World War I. But those worthy Marines aren’t anything without man’s best and fiercest friend. Nowadays, many dogs have an easier time of it. Play fetch, get a belly rub, lead a blind person across a busy street or comfort a patient in a hospital.

Behold the Dogs of War

The Dogs of War — When we think of the dogs of war, some people might remember the Devil Dogs feared by the Germans in World War I.

Then there are the dogs who are stand next to those brave men and women who work tirelessly in service to our communities – bomb and drug sniffing dogs, rescue dogs, etc. What about war dogs though? Modern animal rights activists might get all up in arms over animal cruelty, but in ages past, man’s best friend could go from steadfast shepherd and guardian of home and hearth to barrel-chested canine berserker.

And this wasn’t seen as harsh or harmful. It was merely a way of life for peoples of eras gone by, just like how we use dogs in certain situations today (law enforcement, search and rescue, military, etc).

The ancient Greeks bred a dog called the Molossus. Now extinct, the Molossus was the forebear of today’s Mastiff-type breeds or those with a link to the Mastiff, including the Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Rottweiler, St. Bernard, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the Great Pyrenees.

The Molossus was noted in texts from antiquity to be a fierce and loyal guardian and fighter. The Romans, the Huns, then later European royals during the Middle Ages, the Spanish Conquistadors during their conquest of Central America – they all used dogs of various sorts all in the name of violence.

Imagine yourself as part of an ancient infantry unit. You know your enemy has huge, well-armored dogs as both fighters and agents of demoralization. How would that make you feel, seeing a well-honed, four-legged killing machine bearing down on you. But as previously mentioned, war dogs of old were not tools like so many swords, shields or pieces of armor. They were also friends and companions.

Obviously, in today’s modern military, or even that of the last hundred years, the idea of war dogs as armor-clad furry tanks with teeth and iron jaws in place of guns, might seem ludicrous. And in that sense, they are indeed obsolete. But innovation and need find a way to fill a niche. Some dogs were used as draft animals, pulling carts or heavy guns (such as the Belgian Maxim guns in the late 19th/early 20th century. Dogs might also be used as couriers, carrying messages on the field between two separate handlers.

On the morale side of things, some troops might adopt a dog – either one in service or simply a particular breed – as a group mascot. This was particularly the case during World War I. In the Second World War, some dogs were even enlisted, and accorded all the rights and privileges of military personnel, and rightly so! Two notable canine Marines were Sinbad and Judy.

Sinbad served aboard the George W. Campbell, a Coast Guard cutter, and was, until the start of the 21st century, the only member of the Coast Guard to have a biography written about him. As for Judy, she served with the Royal Navy during World War II, aboard two separate gunboats, one of which was sunk by the Japanese.

In addition to helping save the crew from drowning, this tough girl survived on her own in the jungles of Sumatra. And this was after she’d already been taken as a prisoner of war and was sentenced to be executed. But she got free and spent the rest of her days with one of her fellow officers.

All this to say: war may be terrible and brutish, but war dogs are an inextricable part of that, and renowned as some of the greatest heroes of man and beast alike. Most people tend to focus on the human champions, but we should never forget our canine companions and the sacrifices they make for us in the name of freedom or whatever cause drives us.

Military dog tags mostly come in a pair but if you want to uniquely carry a single one, then black is the best option. It gives you the comfort of wearing only one, yet still gives you the style that you want.

Military tags traditionally come in pairs, but if you want to uniquely wear authentic dog tags, then black is an alternative choice. A single tag gives you the convenience of wearing personalized dog tags, yet still provide you the style that you want. It’s beginning can be traced back during the Vietnam War when Special Operations forces wore them during behind enemy line operations. Also, instead of using white silencers, soft black rubber silencers fastened to subdued black tags.

Today, black dog tags are worn in diverse creative ways – like using only a single tag instead of two. Black tags are made from stainless steel covered in a hardened black epoxy layer.

Black Dog Tag Uniqueness

The Dogs of War Black Dog Tag Uniqueness

These tags go well with, naturally, a black chain. If you want yours to be in uniform, then a stainless steel or a nickel chain won’t work. As you pay for your new accessory, find out if you can have a black chain for no cost or without extra charge. There are online customized dog tag stores that provide a 27-inch chain and a 4.5-inch chain along with the tags. Some shops may offer a 5.5-inch instead of 4.5-inch chain, if you wish.

Whatever you can imagine can pretty much be done when it comes to how you will wear your black tag. Customizing your accessory may done by attaching character text that may be up to 5 lines. Each and every lines may have up to 15 characters all in caps.

The characters may be put in two ways. If you wish to use to the normal way of stamping the text, then you should us an embossed tag in which the letters are lifted. If you desire your tag to be different, have your text debossed in which the letters are imprinted down into the tag. Below you will find the characters that are generally used:

Where To Buy Them

The Dogs of War

There are many online shops that propose high class and cost-effective items. Get the most out of your purchase by determining the right shop to do your customization. Choose the one that provides free black chains and silencers. Prime grade tags are best bought from the US for there are many available specialized companies to choose from.

Online stores give you the choice to personalize black tags with your custom text. Be absolutely sure to purchase black dog tags from the authentic online stores that live up to the particulars stated on their websites.
There are people who want to use their creativity when designing their military dog tags. They are aware that their jewelry can be customized and they want to do many things with it. There are different ways to design a military dog tag.

The fashion industry has enable people to come up with a number of ways to design their own accessory. People from Hollywood were able to do their own design with the help of different inspirations. Rap artists are some of the people who like to use their dog tags in music videos. You can see that they were able to put their personality in their dog tags.

If you want to design your own jewelry, you must first think about the outfit that you want your dog tag to be matched with. Your outfit must compliment your accessory so that there is a harmony between the two. The next thing that you want to do is to figure out what kind of cut do you want your accessory to have.

With different customization shops out there in the market, you will be sure to find one that will be able to help you with the cut of your jewelry. Do you want to put an inscription in your accessory or embed precious stones? If your answer is yes then it will cost you extra to do so.

You must put into consideration your budget before you customize your own jewelry. Think about how much you are willing to spend and the things you want your accessory to have. Do you want your dog tag to have a silencer? If yes, then you must pick a color that is suitable for your personality. Many people opt for their favorite color when it comes to the color of their silencer.

There are many people who are fond of customizing their jewelry. They like to have the freedom to personalize it so it looks unique. If given a choice to customize or to get something plain, people would opt to personalize it. They must follow these steps in order to maximize their creativity in designing their tags.

It will enable them to enhance their creativity because they get to design their own accessory. The fashion industry has come up with a good accessory for the consumers to use in their day to day life.

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