Does Sun Tzu’s Art of War Need a Modernized Substantial Upgrade?

Sun Tzu's Art of War

Sun Tzu’s Art of War — When Sun Tzu the famous ancient Chinese military general put forth his thoughts on war, I wonder if he’d have envisioned how long those theories and strategies would last through time. It is interesting that we still hold these military strategy philosophies in such high-regard. Okay so let’s discuss the concept of upgrading his ancient observations of war for the future of war.

I’d like to first point to an interesting work by Giulio Douchet called; “The Command of the Air” which was written in 1909 and then revised in 1929 by the author. You can get a copy of this work which was republished by the University of Alabama Press, (2009), ISBN: 978-0-8173-5608-8, and this book is based on and re-printed from Giulio Douhet’s 1929 work.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War

Now then, on page 69 the author suggests that there needs to be a “third part” to the Sun Tzu’s philosophy of war which would include the “Art of Aerial Warfare” – which makes sense, as there were not any military aircraft back in Sun Tzu’s day and the ability to fly in the battlespace pretty much changes everything right? Okay so, I have a few questions here:

A.) Rather than us using Douhet’s comments, wouldn’t we be better acclimated to Consider; “Colonel Boyd” and his OODA Loop theories?

B.) And to this point of a third part to Sun Tzu, what about a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh; cyber warfare, robotic warfare, mind control, Mother Nature force multipliers, and the future with; advanced energy weapons, dimensional manipulation, and space wars?

Now then to the Professor of Military studies who is always looking backwards and studying what other people say or have said, I’d suggest they think about my question; “B” here, because I am serious, and to those professors who will not look forward but only back, let me suggest that Douhet was right back then, just as I am now. So, here is my message to the Military Historian Professors that make kids sit through their lectures:

Dearest Professor, please just answer the question “B” in full! Oh you can’t, I see. Okay so, in essence you are breaking the very cardinal rule of always looking at past wars and missing the future game-changers, then may I ask why I am paying real money to sit in your class my dear sir?

Why are we learning from Giulio and memorizing what he said rather than studying how he thinks, not what he thought in hindsight? His thought process has proved him mostly right over the years on most things, he may not be batting 1000 but he did okay by historical prediction standards; remember “the future ain’t what it used to be!”

Yes, for Douhet, some was good, some not so good, over all decent philosophy, but we can easily better his efforts, but we have to jump out of the box, so one last time before I start ditching your class Mr. PhD Professor of Military History and for fear of being brainwashed and indoctrinated into linear thought, as I have toilets to clean at home and more important matters to tend too. So, let me ask you one more time to answer question “B” until you exhaust all possibilities.

Because everyone in this class will have to live in the future period which includes B, especially if humans cannot learn to solve their differences without their warring ways, and if they only look back without looking forward, well then it is basically: guaranteed.

“Get the hell out of my class Lance!” I can hear the Military PhD Professor yelling at me now.

Still, I ask; why can’t we take this class to a higher level, why can’t we look into the future to see what lies ahead? We must if we hope to control the higher ground, and despite what we may believe now, that “higher ground” might not be only “space” with satellites, scramjets, and hypersonic delivery systems, and not the space as we currently know it.

Tell me my dear reader, student, and military professor; why are humans so unable to use their minds? Where is all this mental blockage coming from? Please think on that, I am leaving now before the professor kicks me out of here.
Coming home from war is one of the biggest battles for American Military Forces. Often, the first reality for Military members actually starts on the flight bound for Home!

This long flight from the Middle East is one of the most anxiety filled moments for military personnel. While in flight, about a thousand thoughts are going through the mind. There are many thoughts, but not limited to: What is life like at home? Will my spouse and kids be happy to see me?

Will I still have a family, once I return? Do my kids remember me? Are my possessions still in tact? How much money was I able to save while deployed? Will my friends still accept me? Why did I make it back and my comrades did not? How will I explain my experiences in battle? Will I have to go back again?

These are just a few that may be experienced, before returning home! This is primarily the first stage of stress that often occurs, during re-deployment from the War. Often there are members, who when initially deployed had a spouse, but upon return found themselves without one! This was also true for me! Combat Veterans from all branches of service experience some form of anxiety, but have to continue to move forward in life. Life does not stop for War!

American Military Family Members are also put through the stresses, pressures and anxiety of multiple deployments and relocation of military spouses. Adaptation becomes a virtue, in these types of situations! The truth is that, it is not easy! War has a long-term effect that never seems to go away.

I personally was changed forever! My way of thinking changed, the people that I talked to changed, and something simple as driving down the street turned into a constant look out for I.E.D’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). This is why reality can be a battle in itself for our Military Force and family members.

Several top secret Think Tanks, have simultaneously come up with a new sonic Vibrational Disruption Device, as they had been working in collaboration for a few years. Not all of these think tanks happen to be in the United States, still, with this technology they decided to sell it to the highest bidder, to fund future project. The highest bidder happened to be the United States Military.

With this new device, which can be mounted on a tank, ship, or plane, and if I’m not mistaken, also on a submarine, although I have not seen the data on that or the test which were done, and recently concluded. More importantly, the 12 test devices have been converted and given to the United States military.

They have the ability now to disrupt any radar guided weapon, any radar system, any electronic communication, any GPS device, any surface-to-air missile command and control station, or any incoming short range, long-range, or anti-ship missile, or swarms of missiles when using the widen ranged setting. It is also able to disrupt the electronic flight control systems in any modern fighter aircraft, attack helicopter, or Iranian transport plane.

Luckily, there is money available through “black projects” in the US military to expedite this technology, and the 12 units that were test devices will be reproduced and 200 units made before the outbreak, or massive attack on any Iranian underground nuclear weapons facility locations.

The United States Navy is obviously very interested in these devices, and contracts are already out to expedite this technology for any ships that might be in the Persian Gulf during such time that justice is brought to the Iranians for their illicit nuclear weapons violations. So, I thought this was pretty interesting and you might like to know about it.

It appears that the WikiLeaks founder has a grudge against the United States of America, and perhaps this is because they United States of America is the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, and because he is not part of it. It also appears that the wiki leaks founder came about some secret documents owned by the US military, stolen documents, and posted them online.

This is rather hypocritical considering the wiki leaks founder claims he is for privacy online, fairness, and justice. If someone is a thief, or receives stolen material, that makes them party to the crime; and if that same person claims they are for justice, the question would be exactly who do they think they are kidding? The wiki leaks founder says that he wants the world to know what’s going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he also admits he is against the war.

He is also using a tool of war, and that is propaganda and media to promote his views, and to make change. What’s the difference between that and terrorism? The answer is nothing, when terrorists go and blow something up, people die, and they do this to promote their political will. When the WikiLeaks founder put those documents online, that information will cause US and NATO troops to be killed, along with civilians in those countries, and he did so to promote his political will.

Thus, the wiki leaks founder by strict definition would be an enemy combatant, a criminal, and he has chosen to go to war against the United States military. And since the United States military is made up of volunteer citizens in America, he is causing US citizens to die, and therefore, one could say that in fact he himself is thus, a terrorist. And, if you follow this line of reasoning, then his attacks unfortunately for him – make him “free game” in the overall war on terrorism.

As we know all terrorists should be eliminated.

This concludes my opinion, on this matter.

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