Military Book Review: You Know When the Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon

Military Book Review You Know When the Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon

You Know When the Men are Gone (2011) by Siobhan Fallon is a fictional book chronicling the lives of military wives and girlfriends at a Texas Army base. Many civilians find it difficult to understand the hardships faced by military families, and this book offers a descriptive narrative of the overarching particulars of base living, minus the sordid details.

While this book discusses an Army base and an Army deployment, it has similar themes that can be found on any Marine Corps base. The book describes the Army’s Family Readiness Group (FRG), which is similar to the Key Volunteer Network (KVN) in the Marine Corps. Both were an all volunteer run organization where the Battalion Commander’s wife typically maintained the advisor role. The KVN was phased out in 2009 and has been replaced by the Family Readiness Officer (FRO), which is now a paid civilian position.

The isolated base of Fort Hood reminds me of 29 Palms Marine Corps base, where there are “war themed roads… the targets wavering in the heat in the distance, soldiers slumped beneath the insufficient shade of tent netting, sipping from hot canteens”.

Themes of driving long distances and living on the base away from civilian life is something that I experienced during our time stationed there. I believe many military wives can relate to living in connected houses with thin walls, shopping at the commissary, raising children whose fathers are overseas serving, and living in a world of interconnected relationships.

This book captures moments or as the authors puts it “windows” into eight different scenarios at Fort Hood as well as in the middle-east. The men from the 1-7 Calvary, an infantry battalion, deploy to war-torn Iraq and leave their wives, girlfriends and children behind.

Several scenarios unfold: The foreign wife, who met a married solder while working at a Forward Operating Base (FOB) and fell into a love affair; a wife dealing with cancer whose husband remains behind to support the families, a glimpse into one individual’s time dealing with war, interpreters and the disconnect that he feels with the civilian world when he returns home for leave just to name a few.

Gossip, relationships, and affairs are discussed, but I was dismayed that the author didn’t write a happier tale in at least one of the chapters. Yes, many of us have known people who do and say crazy things, but those families are few and far between.

Most of us go on and develop deeper bonds with our spouses and become a stronger family unit. The author writes, “She stood and took a step toward him, knowing suddenly and without a doubt that he was, and always would be, worth the wait”. The character this is written about is an example of a wife who is devoted to her friends and neighbors and refrains from gossip, but was overshadowed by a darker character and is easily forgotten in the tale of woes spun.

One final element to note is that there is no resolution to the characters and stories, so the reader is left wondering what happened? As I read, I imagined there would be an epilogue which would tie the characters together. I was disappointed to find the work incomplete and it left me wanting.

Nevertheless, this book is an interesting read which provides a detailed description of life on a military installation when spouses are deployed. Many who are unfamiliar with military living may find this to be an interesting read. I would suggest borrowing it from a friend or checking it out at the library if you are looking for a fictional military book.

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