Our Military, Our Freedom

Our Military, Our Freedom

Our Military, Our Freedom — History books are full of images and stories of United States Military men and women from the Korean War, Vietnam War, and World Wars I and II. Images of Marines and Sailors, Soldiers and Pilots, running into the arms of friends and loved ones upon returning home have documented the appreciation and pride that Americans have always had for those who defend our country.

While each year, America celebrates Veterans Day and Memorial Day marked by cookouts and family gatherings, today s appreciation for those who defend our country seems to paint a new picture; or sadly, a lack of one at all.

In some people’s eyes, fighting for our country’s freedom no longer proves to be the heroic job it once was. Military men and women returning home from the service are now presented with the same problems that the rest of the nation faces.

Lack of available jobs are sending these devoted individuals into mediocre, entry-level positions that a high school graduate could just as easily obtain, and the prestige of being able to write on your resume, United States Military no longer exists. Employers don t seem to recognize this as a marketable trait in today’s world.
Employers are not the only guilty members of society who fail to recognize the hard work and life threatening situations our military engage in on a daily basis.

Today s schools are just as accountable for the lack of acknowledgment for these people. While military personnel do still recruit at most high schools, the push for a college degree seems to have taken a higher regard in students and parents alike. Of course no parent wants to see their child put in harm s way which on their part makes this understandable but the reputation of joining the military seems to be more of a cop out of attending a secondary school then a reputable job.

Until recently, I was just as guilty as others of these same feelings. When my younger brother decided to join the ROTC part way through college, I was angry with him. I thought to myself, Why would you throw your life away to the military when you have our parents helping to finance your way through school? I m ashamed of this attitude as I look back in retrospect as my brother talks about his training and service in ways that light up his smile like I’ve never seen.

Still, when my youngest brother announced that he would follow in the footsteps of my brother that joined the ROTC, my attitude still had not changed. Although the youngest wanted to join the Air Force, I still mentally accused him of not knowing what he wanted to do with his life and as mentioned before, using this as a cop out. Where did this attitude of mine on the military come from?

While I still haven t figured out why I was so initially disappointed in them, the hard work and dedication they have for serving our country is a passion that most people in today s world will never find in their own jobs. The rest of us all need to keep something very important in mind. If it were not for the efforts for these men and women, our freedom may not be something that comes by so freely. These men and women are truly and by definition, heroes and that should never be forgotten.

It Is a Good Idea to Watch What You Say In the Military

Our Freedom

Any officer of the Military does not want to be bad mouthing any official in the government, basically from the President on down. If he/she does, they could find themselves before their peers in a court martial.
The law pertaining to this is found under Article 88. It is fairly complex and detailed but the basics of it are as follows:

The official being spoken against must officially be in one of the following capacities:
Vice President
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of a Military Department
Secretary of Transportation
Governor in the following capacities: legislature, State, Territory, CommonwealthIt doesn’t matter whether the derogatory words were spoken in an official or private capacity.

This law is not generally enforced if the adverse remarks are made in a general political discussion, provided that they were not made as a personal remark towards one of the parties covered in this article. The same is applicable to private conversation.

Many times individuals read small writings such as this on the different laws of the military and just assume that the majority of them are mundane and not routinely put into practice. This is not something one wants to take for granted. If the law is on the books, it can be used at any time. Article 88 has only been around for about 60 years, but it really goes back many more years than that.

This particular military law may be one of the lesser ones known to many but nevertheless there have been charges laid in the past pertaining to it. Several officers have received disciplinary action for adversely voicing their opinion about a President, for example. Although Article 88 is not the only one that pertains to conduct of speech, it is one that any officer or officer-hopeful should be mindful of. Officers in civilian clothes or officers off duty have been reported for bad mouthing the applicable officials.

The basic sequence of military models building is assembling, painting and weathering. The next step is to display or build a diorama with it. Diorama building for military scale models can be done in a wide variety of ways. It involves the placement of military scale models, figures, building, trees and other accessories to simulate a scene during wartime.

Here is a quick guide on diorama building for military models:

1. The first step is to ensure the model tanks or armor vehicles, figures and the accessories are all painted and dry thoroughly.

2. Position all subjects in the final layout on your working table and measure the area to obtain the dimension for the base.

3. Find a piece of plywood or chipboard, cut it to the require dimension and smooth the edges using sandpaper. Another alternative is to purchase from your local hobby shop if they have the right size and material.

4. If you prefer a border for your base, use a water-resistant tape and tape the edge with it.

5. Next, put a layer of 0.5 to 1 centimetre thick plaster on top of the base. With the aid of a wet brush, shape the plaster to form an irregular terrain. Make use of tiny blocks of wood to create raised areas by gluing them underneath the plaster.

6. Brush the entire area with a mixture of water and white glue. Then spread a layer of fine sand over it.

7. Scatter stones and small pebbles and let it sink into the wetted plaster surface. If there is a need, sprinkle the surface with grass flock.

8. Apply a little white glue underneath each of your military models, figures and related accessories. Then fix all pieces in position by pressing them down lightly into the groundwork.

9. Lastly, carefully strip off the tape around the edge of the base and leave it aside for drying.
Creativity plays a part here but you can gather ideas from related magazines, photos, books or from the internet. Spend some time doing research and build a diorama to showcase your military models and skills.

Movies, TV shows, and comic books have been produced on the subject of invasions either by terrorists, zombies, the Russians, or aliens. While it may seem unlikely, perhaps some day invaders will come for you and your family members.

As we have learned from zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, military personnel are usually the most prepared for this kind of invasion. However, you too can be prepared with the same kind of military equipment. Below is a list of three different kinds of military gear that can come in handy in the event of a terrorist onslaught or zombie plague.

1. Knives and Swords

One mistake many people may make when preparing for an invasion is only stocking up on guns and ammunition. While shooting an invader will likely kill him, there’s one problem. Eventually, there may be more invaders than bullets. At some point, you will run out of ammo and there won’t be any stores open to sell you more.

The solution is simple. Knives and swords must also be purchased. While not as efficient as firearms, a knife or sword can’t run out of ammo. Lobbing off the heads of terrorists or zombies with a sword can also be an effective way of offing them. Knives can also be used for close quarter combat and can be used as cutting tools when needed.

2. Night Vision

Another thing that can be extremely valuable during an invasion is night vision. This is due to the fact that invaders can come at all hours of the day. If you need to go outdoors for some reason at night, being able to see everything can be the difference between life and death. Without the aid of night vision, you may end up being stabbed, shot, or bit on the neck when you least expect it.

Night vision is also great when used as surveillance equipment. If you have more than one person in your group of survivors, it may be a good idea to keep a person posted outdoors at all times to tell you when the invaders are coming. One way to make that person’s job much easier is to supply him or her with night vision goggles.

3. Military Uniforms and Clothing

Lastly, another thing you may want to invest in for such an apocalyptic scenario is military uniforms and clothing. There are very good reasons for making such an investment. Above all else, military clothing is extremely durable. While normal clothes may be torn very easily, an actual combat uniform will not be.

You may also be forced to march for hours through barren woods to find shelter. If that is the case, having military footwear can be extremely beneficial. Army boots can also come in handy when trying to kick an enemy.

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