Interested in Military Weapon Systems?

Military Weapon Systems

Military Weapon Systems — Many very well-educated folks shy away from any research having to do with the building of weapon systems. Many of them refuse to take military research dollars, because they don’t want their research or inventions to be used to kill people. Yes, neither do I really, but I also realize that defending the American way of life and our great nation requires a military defense strategy. Meaning we need to use our best minds to insure that this nation lives on.

To do that we need our best and brightest to give forth of their abilities and strengths to insure that – interestingly enough, my view is that there is no better use of one’s mind than to protect our civilization from those who might attempt to exploit or destroy it.

And believe me, we live in the present period, not in future periods, and therefore we must realize that war is real – in the future there may not be wars as we know them amongst humans, and yes, that would be a good thing, but we don’t live in the future, we live in the present period.

Military Weapon Systems

Military Weapon Systems

You see, I come from a US Navy family, grew up on military bases, and my grandfather was with Pure Naval Research; “DK Winslow” lots of research papers on applied science (worth looking up and reading actually). My brother was a C-130 pilot in the USMC and my dad a Naval Aviator flying attack aircraft. So, perhaps, I see reality better than those brought up by academia, perhaps they’ve even been brainwashed to act like war-protestors.

Indeed, I suppose a healthy bit of skepticism is justified as Eisenhower warned us; “Beware the Industrial Military Complex” and yet, that’s no reason to let our guard down, not even for a moment. So if you are a brilliant mind or near genius individual, I ask you; “What kinds of weapon systems most intrigue you?”

Personally, they all are intriguing to me from active denial and steerable rounds, all the way to EMP weapons and Arthur C Clarke inspired satellite delivery of “vibrational frequency” for global enforcement systems – and like most, there are some scare the be-Jesus out of me; Bio Weapons for instance. Anyway, please consider all this.

There are some interesting military Trends which are well worth watching in 2012. Although the United States is wrapping up its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it appears that North Korea now has a new leader, that doesn’t mean that humans are done causing political impasse and conflict.

And even when nations can get along through diplomacy, and perhaps, talking things through with negotiation even if there are sharp tongues, and animosity we still have Pirates and Terrorists to deal with. Okay so, let’s talk about all this for second shall we?

Some of the interesting military Trends include our nation’s energy security, and the issues with the Straits of Hormuz, and Syria intervention. Then there are the Somali Pirates, the residual leftover terrorists, and China’s growing military prowess threatening their neighborhood nations. Still, when it comes to military trends in 2012 we should also be discussing;

Budget Cuts
Cyber Warfare
Swarm Warfare
Nuclear Proliferation
Bunker Busters Munitions
Unmanned Autonomous Robotics

The budget cuts in the US will have an impact on our larger weapons systems, the number of ships in our Navy, the number of active personnel, number of stealth aircraft, and perhaps to our operational readiness and ability to fight two-and-a-half wars simultaneously.

Personally, I believe we should have a military strong enough to fight the whole entire world at the same time if need be, of course that’s just me, not willing to take any chances with this great nation we’ve created. Of course, with budget cuts that will not be possible.

Another challenge is cyber warfare, and some claim that this threat is overblown, but I think I disagree, as our systems must be safe, and un-hackable. And speaking of threats to our military, what about swarm warfare, and Iran’s building of massive numbers of offensive anti-ship missiles? And speaking of Iran, it appears nuclear proliferation is once again on the on march. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, you can bet that Saudi Arabia will as well, along with all the other nations in the Middle East.

When that happens you can bet that Venezuela will be next, and any other large nations in South America will also want their own nuclear weapons. The whole world my go nuclear if we don’t handle ourselves correctly, and stop this proliferation now.

Of course, that’s why the US is working on bunker buster munitions which can penetrate any underground nuclear weapons facility. Of course, this is not the only technology we are working on, we are also working hard on unmanned autonomous systems and robotics.

This is another way for us to get more bang for our buck, increase our efficiency, protect this great nation, and save lives. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Not long ago, there were several UFO sightings over New York, El Paso Texas, and Chicago Illinois. There were similar reports in Washington. In these reports they were very similar; a fireball from the sky appeared to break into three pieces, as if flying in formation and then they reached a certain altitude and stopped, but they continued to burn bright, and then they align themselves in a row and eventually disappeared.

Were these actual UFOs, or was this military technology – and, if it was military technology for which nation?
Can the think tanks of military tech re-create this exact scenario? I believe they can, as a matter fact I know we can, and let me explain. First, all you need is an object which is not very dense compared to the Earth’s atmosphere at altitude.

Then in space you need to get it moving fairly quickly, and put it on the perfect trajectory path to enter the Earth’s atmosphere at just the right angle where you want it – in this case over a densely populated area for the big show. As it falls into the Earth’s atmosphere allow it to break up into three pieces.

The two secondary pieces from the main object should follow the first object riding on its shockwave. Now if you look at the shockwave from anything entering the Earth’s atmosphere there are two distinct types of shockwaves. Often things entering the Earth’s atmosphere break apart, such as meteors, old junk, and pieces of space hardware or satellites.

Now then, as these pieces hurl towards Earth, they will eventually find equilibrium in the Earth’s atmosphere if they are not very dense, or if they are made of ice and the ice turns into gas. That gas will still glow bright due to the friction of entering the air’s atmosphere until which time it burns out. Each one of the ice balls, which burns up will come to equilibrium about the same time as if they were lining up with each other. The forward momentum might actually stop and reverse itself and appear to go back upward for a bit, until it is all burned out.

It would be very easy for military or space technology to create such a scenario, and therefore these may not be unified flying objects, and those that claim they might actually be man-made created could be correct. Or they might be compounds frozen in deep in space and then turned into gas due to the friction as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, these UFOs can be explained, as other than created by intelligent life, or something that was created by mankind.

Jumping to conclusions about alien beings putting them there makes no sense at all. Thank you for letting me deep on yet another UFO myth.

There has been some interesting information in the news recently about US Military UAV tele-robotic computer systems with keystroke logger viruses. They believe these to be pretty benign, and erase them when they see them, reboot software, it goes away for a while and then shows back up. There was an interesting piece on this in Wired Magazine, in their Danger Zone section, a special exclusive report titled; “Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet” by Noah Shachtman published on October 7, 2011.

The article indicated that the military was still trying to figure it all out, but was not worried about it, as “who cares if there is a keystroke logger, no one can get the information, as it is a closed loop system,” right, that makes sense, still, that information is being recorded begging the question, what other information in other systems is being hacked into; and why, and who is behind it all? Now then, perhaps it is just an old keystroke logger program remnant attached to some patch-ware, or software in the system, or maybe not?

Now then, let’s up the ante on this conversation a bit. If you will recall back in 2009 the insurgents learned they could hack into and watch the footage of the UAVs, and there was another interesting article published in the Wall Street Journal on December 17, 2009 titled; “Insurgents Hack US Drones – $26 Software is Used to Breach Key Weapons in Iraq; Iranian Backing Suspected,” by Siobhan Gorman, August Cole, and Yochi J. Dreazen. The article stated;

“Senior defense and intelligence officials said Iranian-backed insurgents intercepted the video feeds by taking advantage of an unprotected communications link in some of the remotely flown planes’ systems. Shiite fighters in Iraq used software programs such as SkyGrabber — available for as little as $25.95 on the Internet — to regularly capture drone video feeds, according to a person familiar with reports on the matter.”

When I read that back then, I thought to myself; yah, so what, the insurgents will see they are screwed and watched carefully, and it will actually put the fear of Allah into them. Maybe that’s a good thing, but is it really? Surely we need solid protection of our robotic weapons systems, lest they become hacked and turned against us you see.

Meanwhile, although this was a minor issue, it seemed to drop off the media’s radar screen. However this new news of a keystroke logger makes me wonder if our multi-billion dollar weapons systems are safe?

Okay so, you know, as an entrepreneur I like to take mistakes and problems, and make lemonade. Why not take these vulnerabilities and turn them into assets for our team? Let me explain.

You see, I propose using those key stroke loggers along with the video footage and other date in sequence to determine and record what the tele-robotic pilot did during each circumstance, in each wind turbulence event, during each zooming in of the high-definition camera lens, and of course each time the drone happen to fire a projectile such as a hell-fire missile at a lowly pre-doomed, and pre-destined terrorist. Using all of this information, we can program artificial intelligence computers to fly those drones in the future.

This will prevent human error from fatigue, allow more drones to be flown with less pilots, and it will become the beginning of complete autonomous unmanned air vehicles in the future. Thus, we shouldn’t delete the keystroke loggers, we should tap into them, or get rid of them and install our own keylogging, and event logging system to help our AI computers learn through hours of mundane computer game like drone flying. Please be thinking here.

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