Top 5 Timeless Military Survival Skills

Top 5 Timeless Military Survival Skills

Military Survival Skills — Have you ever wondered how those military men survive the worst of the worst? Here are their top five most guarded survival skills.

Top 5 Timeless Military Survival Skills

1. They always carry basic first aid kit and know exactly how to use it.

Just like these military men, we should also be equipped in case disaster strikes unexpectedly. And keeping a first aid kit can definitely save a life. But for the kit to be useful, it should contain all the necessary medicines (e.g. antiseptics, antibiotics) and bandages.

Generally, military men are sent for missions in far-off and remote places for an indefinite period of time. And during such times, they get injured. But with their knowledge on first aid application, they can treat themselves with only the kit they have.

2. They possess certain levels of self-defense skills.

Self-defense techniques include martial arts (judo, karate, taekwondo) and knowledge on how to use any item as a weapon for defense. These are the skills that military men are equipped with. Additionally, they are also accomplished marksmen. But the good thing about it all is that, they only use their knowledge on self-defense when there is a threat on their lives.

3. They S.T.O.P.

Basically, STOP means “Stop Think Observe Plan.” And it is a very important skill taught to the military forces. This is what helps them remain calm during adverse situations. But what STOP really means? Here’s a brief explanation:
Stop means to take a break, to relax, to calm down, so you can recognize what exactly is going on around you.

Think connotes the presence of mind no matter what happens. To observe is to analyze the pros and cons of any situation very carefully and meticulously. Plan is, of course, about planning your next move on how to get the upper hand when in an unfavorable or hostile condition.

4. They are extremely good at improvisation.

To survive, one must know how to improvise. And on that note, we should emulate the military forces. One must realize that the situation per se is not the important thing. What matters most is one’s ingenuity and willpower to improve the situation in order to save lives.

5. Building temporary but safe shelter is their expertise.

Since military forces spend most of their lives in the wilderness, building a shelter is one of their most basic concerns for survival. They can erect a tent or dig out a bunker at its most advantageous direction. They are also good at camouflaging their shelter for added security.

These are just five of the many survival techniques that the military forces practice whenever they are out performing their sworn duties. And if you need more in-depth information on urban survival, pay us a visit by clicking the link below.

Parents often have a range of choices when looking for a summer camp for their children. One option that has started to increase in popularity is a military summer camp. This is usually a summer-long program that is run by a military academy.

The goal of the program is to provide students with a memorable experience that is framed by structure and academic pursuits. Parents choose this option for boys who might be interested in pursuing a career in the armed forces or who might require some exposure to the type of real-world environment that a military school provides. Boys who attend this type of program can expect to learn while also enjoying a series of fun guided activities.

Summertime Atmosphere

Military Survival Skills

Some of the schools that offer military summer camps understand that students might not be used to the strict regimens that are practiced throughout the rest of the year. Certain schools allow students to attend summer camp with slightly relaxed regulations so they are able to wear comfortable clothes in the heat.

There are also more guided activities outside of the classroom that can help to develop physical fitness and an understanding of the world. Some military summer camps offer daily sports camps for football, golf, basketball, strength and conditioning, soccer, tennis and wrestling.

Academic Studies

The educational opportunities that are provided by certain academies during the summertime can be much more comprehensive than more traditional camp programs. A small class size during the summertime means that each student can receive more personalized learning.

This can result in assignments that are more in-depth since there is more time available. The topics that are covered can include standard academic subjects like science. Topics that are related to dealing with social and personal issues are also usually taught so that children leave the school with some of the confidence and resilience that military graduates are known for.

Character And Leadership Development

Children who are attending a military school for just the summer months can still benefit from the ideals and character skills that are taught during this period of time. The camp can instill the basic foundations that are required to eventually develop strong leadership skills as well as the character traits that are necessary to be an effective member of a team.

The lessons are taught through discussion as well as outdoor activities that can show the concrete results of responsibility and perseverance. The summer activities can also help to keep students physically fit while presenting a number of challenges that can test the resourcefulness and problem solving abilities that have been taught.

I read the want ads a few minutes ago, and saw the most ads ever looking for pilots to fly on contract for the Department of Defense. Private Military Contractors (PMC) have been riding a wave of demand and good pay for over nine years. Several agencies and corporations have been clamoring for our unique skills. But just like other markets, ours does not go up in a straight line.

First of all, I am no fortune teller. However, I have been through some slowdowns before, and it feels like one is on the way. All of those want ads seem like the last gasp of the PMC market. The last time I saw ads like that, they were advertising for corporate pilots just before the summer of 2008.

A big political change is on the way. The American people are fed up with the level of Federal spending (as am I). One of the easiest targets to cut spending is the military budget. Since many of us contractors work in off-the-wall countries in Asia, South America, and Africa, our budgets can be cut without a lot of screaming from constituents.
With the political change will come a change in the favored contracting companies.

The new Congress will approve much smaller projects with new firms winning the contracts. This is a good thing. Over the years, the big contracting companies have built in lots and lots of extra people and profits. New companies will start out lean, and it will take them a couple of years to learn how to game the system for maximum profits. So, performance of the missions won’t suffer so much and dollar outlay will shrink.

What does that mean for those of us who are currently employed as PMC’s? During the last slowdown, 1992, when Clinton came to office, over two thousand contractors and analysts lost their jobs in one week. Life was grim.
I was in the middle of building a base of operations in South Texas for a counter drug gig in Peru called “Operation Snowcap”.

Suddenly I was without funding and no one in Washington would return my calls. It took over a month before I found out that my project and my job had been canceled. Since my name was on the lease for the hangars, I tried to make a go of the business. I pumped av-gas, sold used aircraft, and rented out hangar space.

My boss in Washington went to work one morning only to find all of his personal belongings in a box outside his office. Then he found out that his keys no longer worked. That was all the word that he got that he had been let go. Our agency would not even admit that we had worked for them.

One pilot started driving a Pepsi truck. Another took a job driving big rigs that delivered boats. Others went back to crop dusting or corporate jobs.

We were all in limbo until 1997, when Colombia started heating up. Talking to the old timers, they went through a similar drought from 1975 to 1986.

I can’t say for certain what will happen after the November elections. But I can see a huge wave of spending cuts on the horizon. You can bet that I have a plan for getting a real job. And for those of you in the Private Military Contracting world, I would advise you to have a back-up plan.
You will need some kind of job to pay your mortgage and send your kids to college for at least three years, maybe six. Some of you will slide right into corporate security. Others will fall back on their education as a teacher or an engineer.
But, many of you are like me, and we’ll scramble around. I’ll be starting my own business, again. Last time I had a business selling aircraft, then remodeling homes. Start networking right now.

But don’t lose heart. Long term, the military contractor business will only grow. The US will keep pulling back until someone gets up the nerve to start a war with us. Think of the British Empire in 1937. In three or four years we will be in demand again. The question is: After we pull in so much, can we win a war against, say, China? The British had us to pull them out of the fire in World War II. Who will help us?

Chinese Nandao Sword

The Nandao is most commonly practiced these days with modern Chinese Wushu forms. Wushu is a full contact and exhibition discipline that came from the Chinese Martial Arts. The Peoples Republic Of China created this around 1950, so they could blend it in with their traditional Martial Arts. The Nando is similar to the Northern Broadsword but is the Southern derivative of it. The blade is somewhat like the common Butterfly Sword which is also a weapon developed by the Southern Chinese.

However when compared to the Butterfly Sword, the Nandao is a lot heavier and is made to be held with two hands. Also this weapon comes with a big metal cross guard, which purpose is to deflect blows as well as to hook the enemies weapon. This weapon comes with a blade on just one side, and the Nandao is straight whereas the Northern Broadsword has a curved shape. Very few weapons have been redeemed that have the shape of the Nandao.

Chinese Wodao Sword

The Wodao is a Chinese Weapon that originated way back in the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty dates back from 1300 – 1600 AD. This weapon was influenced greatly by the Japanese Swordsmith abilities. In fact, there is a lot of similarity to the Japanese Tachi or Odachi weapons. The handle of this weapon is about 25.5 cm. The blade has a slight curve and is about 80 cm.

Chinese Yanmaodao Sword

The Yanmaodao was used as a Primary Chinese Military Weapon around the Ming Dynasty as well as the middle of the Qing Dynasty and was another form of the Dao or one sided sword. The blade on this battle weapon is straight until the last 25% of the blade towards the tip where the middle of the percussion starts. The percussion is the part of the blade where the least amount of vibration occurs upon hard contact. It is also the part of the blade that transfers the most damage to the opponent in a hard chop.

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