4 Essential Military Gear To Have Along For Game Hunters

Military Gear F16

Military Gear — A few members of my family members are experienced licensed hunters. They do not hunt for sport. They only hunt when they get calls from the authorities about crazy wild boars, tigers and elephants attacking, and sometimes killing, trail runners and campers. They are also called into action when the crow and macaque population starts getting out of control and they start attacking humans.

Being a gear fanatic, I pay close attention to the gear they have with them. All of them have 4 standard gear with them. All the gear they have are of military specifications because they need their gear to withstand demanding conditions especially since some hunts can last a couple of weeks.

BackpacksThe first of the 4 military gear is of course a rugged military gear backpack. This is of course not a usual backpack but one with a hydration system. The good thing about hydration backpacks is that you do not get your hydration system bouncing around at your hip like you do with a side mounted hydration system.

Also, most of the bladders in hydration backpacks can store up to 3 liters or 100 ounces of liquid. That beats the 500 ml or about half a quart of a regular waist mounted water bottle.

Apart from storing liquid sustenance, you can also store other stuff in a military gear backpack like food, a first aid kit, poncho and some spare clothes.

Chest RigsBackpacks with a bladder built-in might not be able to store everything you need in them. Which is why it is good to a have a chest rig. A chest rig would allow you to store more stuff in its multiple compartments. Usually, the stuff which is kept in the pockets of chest rigs are the things you need to access in a hurry. These things could include maps, GPS system, ammo, mosquito repellent and snacks.

Modular chest rigs are designed with PALS webbing. This would enable the user to stack on even more gear, like LED flash lights, to the rig for easy access.

LED Flash LightsMilitary grade LED flashlights are fantastic. The one I have the pleasure of borrowing had more than one feature. It had an emergency strobe setting as well as a glow or lamp setting. It was also water and shock resistant. And you had a choice of using conventional batteries or a rechargeable battery pack which came along with the flashlight.

Military Grade PonchoFor those of you who have used conventional ponchos for camping and trekking, you would know that they rip easily. Not so for military grade ponchos. Military grade ponchos are rip resistant so you can hike through harsh surrounding in the wet and not worry about tearing it. The are also tough enough to set up shelter with, making it an essential military gear to have.

Military binoculars are very expensive items to purchase. They often start at a couple hundred dollars. For top-end models, it is not unheard of for people to pay four figures for the honor of owning them. Are they worth this amount of money?

Many people desire to own military binoculars but shy away from it because they would feel embarrassed to spend so much money on such an item. But most people have at least one “sin” purchase. For some, it means buying a luxury car with lots of horsepower and fancy features. For others, it is traveling. For others it is watches. Therefore, spending a lot of money on a high-end binoculars is not as ridiculous as it initially seems.

In addition, many people buy expensive luxury products for the status they carry. How much more useful is a gold watch compared to a cheap plastic one? How much better is a luxury car than a normal one? Military binoculars in contrast are better than their normal counterparts.

They are far more durable, which is very important because binoculars usually suffer a lot of wear-and-tear. They have more powerful lenses and often have features like night vision. They also enhance the enjoyment of hobbies such as boating and hunting.

Military binoculars also do not have to be expensive. There are numerous ways to acquire them on the cheap. One of the best methods is to buy them refurbished. Remember, military binoculars are built to withstand the rigors of the battlefield and thus are very durable. So buying a used pair is of much less risk than buying a used laptop.

Combat trousers have become increasingly popular as items of fashion apparel. They are the piece of military clothing that has most successfully crossed over into the fashion mainstream and are as likely to be found being worn on the high street as in the combat zone. Combat trousers remain very popular with paint-ballers and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The key contributory factors to this military clothing revolution is that army trousers have appeal to a wide range of ages and can be worn by almost any body shape. In fact in the teen age group, military style trousers are as popular with women as with men. This ability of combat trousers to remain on-trend is underscored by the many prolific figures from music and from film that are regularly seen wearing combats whether at work or at play.

The popularity of combat trousers has driven demand-led fashion designers to copy the design highlights of combat trousers and to use these in their mainstream collections. Many high street stores have military inspired trousers on their rails. Often these will have a number of the more obvious design stylings of genuine army trousers to create an authentic military look.

People often ask whether these fashion combats are the real deal. Well they certainly do have the relaxed cut and styling of genuine surplus trousers but often that is where the similarities end. Now don’t get me wrong – fashion combat trousers are great for their purpose; namely to look food and in keeping with the on-trend military look.

However they are often not as well made as the genuine item and therefore the material used and stitching may not be so strong. Obviously a lack of robustness is not in itself a problem if the consumer wants to wear the trousers in the mall only.

Military Gear

However if the purchaser wants to ask something more substantial of these trousers (hiking for example) then it is strongly advisable to purchase genuine military surplus trousers. Furthermore these garments are often much better value than their high street equivalents and this is reason alone to consider them over fashion trousers.

Apart from the quality of material used to produce combat trousers and the high quality of the stitching on the seams, military trousers have are known for the great number of pockets they have which presents the wearer with a great variety of stowage solutions.

No matter how many different styles of army trousers are produced, there will always be some firm favourites. For example, one of the most loved types of combat trouser is the British Army 95 DPM closely followed by the M65 trouser from the US forces.

Past concerns over the quality of military surplus available are now distant memories with the increasingly strong availability of high quality unissued or barely used army surplus in the marketplace. The widespread adoption of the classification system which grades surplus by its quality depending on the extent of its use has also helped to underscore the reputation for increased quality in the army surplus marketplace.

When you are trying to find the best contact lenses to wear in a combat zone, it will come down to what ones are best suited to your own eye condition and how long you have to keep your them in.

Nevertheless, there is a common opinion with military personnel who are presently within the scorching dusty environment of the Middle East, as to which type are much more appropriate to this territory than some others.
Initially, Soft Contact Lenses are the number one variety whilst the Gas Permeable Hard variety are nearly intolerable to deal with owing to the quantity of airborne dirt and dust caused by helicopters, sandstorms and automobiles. Gas Permeable Hard types require taking out then cleansing plus the minute dirt that gets in every thing, scrapes them rendering them a waste of time.

The majority of armed forces personnel acquire a thoroughly excellent stock of Daily Disposable Soft Lenses when they go to this region and bring their spectacles to wear when they remove their daily disposables or if they have problems with them.

When using Daily Disposables you do not experience the inconvenience of storing as well as cleansing them. Immediately make use of them, afterward, toss them in the trash. Nevertheless, the draw back to day by day as well as month to month prescriptions that require storage overnight, is that they have to be inserted on a daily basis furthermore your fingers have to be spotless to avoid your eyes from becoming infected or irritated, though a little container of sterilised hand sanitiser ought to stop this dilemma if they need to be removed and re-inserted into your eye. Almost certainly the most accepted and suitable optical appliance for armed forces personnel are Extended Wear Contact Lenses.

These are allowed to be left on the eyes for thirty days and nights. Since they stay on the eyes constantly, the distinctive design of them maintains there constant adhesion with your eyes better than monthly disposables. It is because of this feature that they are much more appropriate for the dusty atmosphere of the Gulf Area because particles won’t be able to get in behind them.

A great deal of military personnel use these and in addition recommend bringing a stock of daily disposables if anything goes wrong with the extended wear ones. It’s suggested that you experiment with these extended wear ones prior to going abroad to make sure that you like wearing them.

They don’t need treatment or cleansing accept when you put them in your eyes and subsequently remove them when your thirty days are up.
Therefore from a cleanliness standpoint they are conceivably the greatest choice as your fingers are usually unclean and encompassed by fine dust.

What ever type you make your mind up to take, remember your glasses just in case.
A lot of Web based Contact Lens Organizations are proud to dispatch Internationally to APO and FPO locations.

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