Big Lift Training

Big Lift Training

Big Lift Training — The body is a system, and the best way to train it is as a system instead of as a series of isolated parts. The best way to train your body as a system is to use compound lifts. Compound lifts engage the largest muscle groups in the body, as well as all of the support muscles required for stabilization.

Big Lift Training

By engaging the body’s largest muscles, you initiate a more pronounced hormonal response. This means that by doing compound lifts that stress the biggest muscles, you can stimulate your body to release more growth hormone. This additional growth hormone can help you see better results from your entire workout.
When I talk compound lifts, I’m referring to exercises like:

Dead Lifts
Power Cleans
Hanging Clean to Press
Bench Press
Military Press
Bent-over Rows

All of these exercises are ‘multi-joint” meaning that they require movement of more than one joint at a time to do. Multi-joint exercises by default use more than one muscle group.

Most of these exercises also work the core (abs and lower back). Squats, Dead Lifts, Power Cleans, Bent-over Rows, Dips – all of these require core stabilization, so working these provides even more benefit.
A good sample workout of compound lifts would be:

Monday: Squats, Bench Press, Bent-over Rows, Military Press, Dips
Wednesday: Dead Lifts, Bench Press, Hanging Clean to Press, Pull-ups, Dips
Friday: Power Cleans, Bench Press, Military Press, Chin-ups, Dips

Do 5 sets of 6 reps for each exercise. Start low and go up each set, with the final set being around 80% of your 1 rep max. Aim for progressive resistance – that means going up in weight each workout.

A workout routine like this, supported by enough calories and protein, will really pack on the muscles.
Long gone are the days of setting up giant tents that all soldiers sleep together in. Marine and Army soldiers of today get high tech 2 man tents that are easy to setup and transport. With today’s military men constantly on the move, they need light weight and highly portable tents.

A military combat II dome tent fills the need for the average camper and hunter to sleep securely. Styled after those used by the US Marines, this tent is light weight, setups in a flash, and take down is just as simple. Heavy duty fabrics that are long lasting are required for combat operations, this is built in with the Catoma tent. The Denier polyester fabric is a high count material with a 2000 mm water repellent rating. Totally UV resistant for long life.

Every camper knows what a chore it can be getting into and out of some tents. Our combat personal know this too. Having to move large gear securely and easily through any opening. Catoma offers a extra large door in the front vertical wall, this upright wall also helps to provide extra room inside the tent. Both front and rear doors are fully screened for ventilation and bug protection.

As with the military style tent, the high quality 7075 aluminum poles provide the strength and durability that is needed by the most demanding users. The tent even has fully taped seams, just like the military version, for added protection from all types of weather.

For added convenience and shelter, a reversible fly that is attached with adjustable quick release buckles is included. This fly is green on one side for blending into wooded areas and tan on the other for desert or light regions. The fly can even be used separately from the tent as a canopy shade.

A few other features of this tent include, compression bag for tent/fly storage, bag for aluminum poles and aluminum stakes storage, large 38 square feet interior footprint gives ample space for two adults, storm flaps on all openings loft to suspend your gear for added interior room and convenience pockets. Fly extends over front wall to create 20 square feet vestibule if additional storage area is needed.

If you have an urge to camp military style, or need a light weight tent for hunting, you have to look no further the Catoma military combat style tent.

Before you go for shopping any of the camping equipment you must make a list of things you will really need. There are several techniques to find the equipments. The place which you have chosen for camping might have some uncertainty in the weather conditions, so it is very important to choose the right equipment according to the weather condition of the camping place.

For example, if you choose a sleeping bag made for the summer conditions and if you use the same bag in a cold weather you will completely freeze up, so it is very important to choose the absolute accurate equipment according to your needs. Always buy equipments with high quality and longer durability.

Here are some tips for buying it

You must test or try the equipment before you pay for it, always insists the salesperson to give you a demonstration.

Don’t go for second hand equipments as it may be inappropriate for camping purpose.

These equipments never get obsolete so it will be a good bargain for the them as they never get out of fashion.

Always go for the military camping equipments as they are manufactured to serve even in the extreme weather conditions and they are even better than the branded equipments. You can get these military camping equipments from the different websites like eBay etc.

Garage sales are the best way to get these camping equipments at a reasonable price and you can also bargain over the purchasing price. The material provided is also very good as compared to the branded camping equipments.
The most popular form of body armor is the bullet proof vest. Most military organisations have men year-round near areas where they might need protection.

The military has been great for the development of the modern-day bullet proof vest. They have rigorous tests and trials they put each vest through before they decide to issue them to their forces. This helps the manufacturers of the body armor to address and solve and issues relating to new versions.

Military bullet proof vests but why?

When at war a bullet proof vest becomes an invaluable tool. Each soldier has to deal with the fear of being shot everyday they are in action. The bullet proof vest while not fully elevating that fear of death. It does assure the wearing of one thing; if a bullet does hit the torso the vital organs are sufficiently protected. Most vests have high quality camouflage patterns applied to the outer layer.

This means that the armor doesn’t make the soldier anymore visible to enemy while worn. The use of alumina ceramics inside a Type III bullet proof vest insures that the wearer can still move quite quickly and relatively easily around the field. It also provides reliable protection from most ballistic battlefield weaponry.

Another great thing about military body armor is that its engineered to provide the modern-day soldier with extra tactical pockets and storage space for pen knives, ammo etc. The most obvious difference in military armor to other body armors are the extra long metal plates offering a more comprehensive 360 protection type.

The plates can usually be added to protect not only the torso but also the groin and the upper arms area. These plates are usually just Type IIIA. The highest level of protection is usually purchased by the military forces and is Type IV. This armor is used when the soldier needs protection against armor-piercing rounds or.30 calibre rounds. This is the highest level of protection offered to anyone.

The Military Future For Body Armor

As more materials like Dragonskin and Spidersilk are developed, body armor for the soldier will become a great deal more comfortable. The end result will be an armor that feels like you haven’t really got any on while still giving ultra protection against ballistic damage.

Another great step forward might be the use of full body armor. The whole body while be covered in a ballistic protective shield that’s still light weight. Also the ballistic protection level while hopefully increase enough to cater for every eventuality.

There were two Bismarck class ships, the Bismarck and the Tirpitz. These ships were the fourth largest battleships in the world. The Bismarck was named after the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and was one of the most famous battle ships in WWII. The construction of this magnificent ship began in July 1936. The ship was launched in February 1939 by the granddaughter of Otto von Bismarck. The ship was commissioned in August 1940 under the command of Captain Ernst Lindemann.

The Bismarck was the pride of Hitler’s navy and was constructed for one purpose, that is, to destroy allied shipping. This 35,000 ton ship was described as unsinkable. Its crew of 103 officers and 1989 crew members served their ship gallantly until its ill-fated battle on May 27, 1941. The most feared ship during WWII was destroyed less than 2 years from when it was launched in the North Atlantic.

The sister ship of the Bismarck, Tirpitz, was named after Alfred von Tirpitz. This ship participated in only one battle during the World War II and spent most of the war in the German occupied ports in Norway. The Tirpitz’s dimensions were slightly larger than that of the Bismarck and was dubbed by Winston Churchill as “The Beast”.

This ship had a crew of 108 officers and 2500 crew members. It should be noted that this second Bismarck class ship was destroyed in heavy bombing by the Royal Air Force on November 12, 1944 at Hakoy Island just west of Tromso, Norway.

The search for the famous German ship Bismarck began in July,1988 headed by Dr. Robert D. Ballard who found the Titanic in 1985. In June 1989, the Bismarck was discovered 600 mile west of Brest, France, 15,000 feet beneath the sea. The ship was found in international waters which meant the ship was still considered German property. Special permission was needed by the German government to proceed with any further investigation of the wreckage.

In 2002, director James Cameron filmed a documentary called Expedition: Bismarck. Debuting on the National Geographic Channel for the first time ever, interior shots were taken of the sunken ship. These pictures along with others suggests that the ship was not sunken by bombs or torpedoes but by a hydraulic outburst when the ship hit bottom.

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