Joining the Military – How to Join the Marines

Joining the Military - How to Join the Marines

Joining the Military — Once a civilian makes the decision to become an elite soldier, they must learn how to join the marines. When you join the military, especially the United States Marine Corps you become part of one of the most respected, and feared military branches in the world. Making the decision to join the U.S.M.C. is a hard decision to make and only few people actually do.

The first thing you need to do is decide where in the Marine Corps you want to be. Do you want your MOS to be in combat or do you want to fix things? There’s a multitude of jobs to choose from within the Marines. You can find a military job that suits your interest as there are many fields to chose from. Here are just a few.

Civil Affairs
Military Police

Joining the Military – How to Join the Marines

Joining the Military — Once a civilian makes the decision to become an elite soldier, they must learn how to join the marines. When you join the military,

Once you decide what field of military work interests you, your next step will be to get some information from the military and contact a Marine Corps recruiter and tell him you want to know how to join the marines. The best thing to do would be to locate your local Marine recruiting office and start talking to a recruiter.

Your recruiter will answer all of your questions about training, the job, the experience or whatever else you’d like to learn about the Marines.

Millions of Americans thank you for doing your part to fight for your country and stop terrorism. The Marine Corps is one of the most respected and well known branches of Armed Forces in the world. Some may say that they want to join the Army, and few say I want to be a Marine. Being a United States Marine is an experience like no other. Everybody knows their slogan and it is very true. The few, the proud, the Marines!

Nobody likes wars, especially anyone who has been in one and watched their buddies killed, there is nothing good about it. And it’s unfortunate that politicians allow their egos to create political impasse leading to actual bullets flying, but we know this to be the case in human societies and civilizations. Indeed, there is a real problem with the human desire for power and control. Okay so, all that is a given, nothing new here to talk about that hasn’t exceeded a million pages of text the prior.

Now then, let me tell you a problem that we’ve been busy tracking over here at our Think Tank, we’ve noted just over 100 new naval submarines entering service – that is to say ordered and ship-building is starting. Also, there are quite a few old submarine hand-me-downs going to third world nations as well. The undersea world of Earth is getting down right crowed right? Well, not exactly, but in the event of a world war, it surely doesn’t make the Navies of the world too safe.

Oh, now don’t worry about the USA Navy Fleets, as we’ve got that under control. We are the best in the business with underwater surveillance technologies, but it is going to be a challenge for allies. Worse, the sharing of information with allies, might also mean that soon our enemies will have the same technologies, so is anyone safe?

Our military in the US is going to need to hyperspace the current innovation paradigm and really focus on better stealth, and detection in the future. Can we do that? Surely, we can, but the problem is all the espionage, spies, and University work publishing papers. Maybe more of this tech needs to go underwater for a while to protect our great nation. Please consider this.

The Marines are considered the United States’ most noble brotherhood. Their motto, “Semper Fidelis” means “always faithful” and for members of this elite branch of the United States Armed Forces, there is no truer statement. Marines are often the first into dangerous ground situations and are known for their unwavering bravery and honor.

The Marines number just over 200,000 active duty and 50,000 reservists. It’s the smallest of all the branches of the Armed Forces under the control of the Department of Defense. While the Coast Guard is smaller, it’s under the control of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Marines are an elite organization and the saying of “once a Marine, always a Marine” is very fitting. The Marines are a division of the United States Navy, and the first two battalions of Marines were formed in 1775. The Marines have served with honor in every major conflict of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Marine rings are a unique and special way to commemorate service in this great branch of the Armed Forces. This visual symbol of their strength of character, honor, and dignity is unmatched. There are a number of ways to customize these rings for your loved one to recognize their enduring commitment to their country and fellow Marine.

Joining the Military - How to Join the Marines Picture of Soldier

Available in yellow or white gold, silver, or valadium, Marine rings may be designed several different ways. For example, you may choose a semi-precious stone or the Marine coat of arms for the top of the ring. The sides of the ring may contain emblems of a specific unit or military campaign. For example, if the Marine was part of the Iraqi War, Vietnam, or the Korean War, you might choose an emblem recognizing this specific service.

You can also add the Marine’s name, rank, and dates of service or a saying unique to the unit they were part of. Perhaps you would like to engrave the inside of the ring with their initials.

The personalization you add to the Marine rings make them truly special. It’s sure to be a piece of military jewelry that won’t be forgotten.

Marine rings arrive in a beautifully stylish gift box and ready for presentation. These rings are perfect for retirement, birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations and you’ll not find a more fitting gift for a member of this elite branch of military service.

In closing, Marine rings are a deeply symbolic testament to the service and sacrifices of those that serve each day. You’ll see your loved one wear this ring with pride, as it is a constant reminder of all the Marine holds true to their heart.

The personalization of Marine rings make it the perfect choice for members present and past, and will likely become cherished family heirlooms. Let your Marine know how much you appreciate their service, dedication, and sacrifice with a beautifully designed Marine ring. There is simply no better military gift for a Marine than one to celebrate their service.

Now then, I am not going to mention that the United States Navy is the greatest naval force in the solar system or that their weapon systems are just beyond state-of-the-art. I will not mention the discipline of the US Navy submarine fleet or their omnipresence around the oceans of the world, that quite frankly is a well known fact, and it goes without saying. Today, I’d like to sigh in sorrow for the firefighters who fought gallantly to put out a fire in one of Russia’s Delta IV Submarines (nuclear) at Russia’s main naval base.

There was an interesting article in SpaceWar Daily online news titled; “Nine injured as huge fire engulfs Russian nuclear sub,” on December 30, which stated:

“Nine people were injured when a huge fire engulfed a Russian nuclear submarine as it was being repaired,” and “The vessel had all its nuclear missiles and conventional rockets removed before entering the dock, two reactors had been switched off well in advance and there was “no threat of a nuclear radiation leak,” and “The power unit was switched off and is now safe.”

Now then Russia has a five of these “Delta 4 Class” submarines which carry 15-16 ICBMs, often one of the tubes is left empty in case the crew needs it in an emergency to escape, which by the way has happened before, which is why they now only have 5 instead of six of these subs.

Okay so, I ask; what on Earth is Russia’s problem with their submarines, recall the major disaster in 2000, when the nuclear submarine; Kursk – killed over 100 of its crew, it also when up in a fiery explosion, albeit that time at sea, not in the port. Worse, I worry about those nations which have bought old Russian submarine hand-me-downs for their militaries, they are floating around in underwater coffins, which is a scary thought.

China has a few of those old subs, and old Soviet era aircraft carrier, and other nations have some of their older diesel subs. I personally can’t think of a worse way to go. All this is pretty embarrassing for the Russian at a time Putin thinks he’s going to re-assert and project Russian power, in fact very soon he plans to send the Russian Navy off the coast of Syria, for what could be a showdown if NATO or the US intervenes. Although Russia also risks embarrassing itself something terrible it seems, as right now they have become the laughing stock of military analysts around the world – yes, me included.

And, it’s not only Submarines that the Russians cannot seem to keep operationally ready, a couple of days the prior a Sukhoi 24 crashed and exploded during landing. Sure, the Russians crash military aircraft all the time, nothing new, but it speaks volumes to the reality of their operational capabilities or not.

Will Russia militarily confront another nation right now? Boy, that wouldn’t be wise, as they’d have more loss of life and hardware from their own mismanagement, mistakes, and accidents, than even a small inept nation-state military could provide them in combat. Please consider all this and think on it.

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