Flying a Real Combat Plane With Real Fighter Pilots

Flying a Real Combat Plane With Real Fighter Pilots

Fighter Pilots — If your dream flying a fighter plane involves shooting real weapons at enemy aircraft, your only option is a career in the military. But if you’d like to experience the rush of air to air combat – USA military style without the danger of real guns and missiles, all you have to do is contact an aviation adventure company and make an appointment to fly in a real fighter plane under the tutelage of an experienced military fighter pilot and you don’t even need a pilot’s license.

The basic premise of the aviation adventure industry is to offer military and air show style flying adventures to those who don’t have the training and experience to purse them on their own. Whether you’re a military enthusiast who wants to experience the air combat maneuvers seen in war footage or are simply looking for the flight experience of a life time, the aviation adventure industry is dedicated to making your dream of piloting or riding passenger in high performance aircraft a reality.

If you opt for a military style flying adventure, you can expect to engage in real combat maneuvers while firing simulated bullets at an adversary plane using a real gun sight. You’ll also receive an authentic tactical briefing before you take flight.

Or, if you simply want to experience aerobatic flight maneuvers without the application of military strategy, you can opt for a flight that focuses on performing the incredible maneuvers seen in air shows, including inside loops, vertical rolls, inverted spins and tailslides. In either case, you can choose between piloting the plane yourself and having a fighter pilot do it for you. Not matter what flight you choose, you’ll always have an experienced fighter pilot in the cockpit along side you.

Most people who take aviation adventures are interested in piloting the plane themselves, and while it’s true that you don’t need official flight experience to take the stick, you’re sometimes required to learn simple maneuvers before moving on to more complex ones. If you want to perfect all the maneuvers that the industry has to offer, it’s best to purchase a flight package that lasts more than one day.

The price of most aviation adventure flight packages runs between roughly $500.00 and $3,500.00, which might seem a bit expensive. But when you consider the time and money that would go into learning how to pilot a high performance fighter plane without the aid of an experienced pilot, the prices begin to seem like a bargain, and most aviation adventure companies offer a variety of special promotions and discounts.

When you take an aviation adventure flight, you can count on experiencing two things: safety and action packed flying adventures. Most aviation adventure pilots have served in the US military, and they are licensed pilot that possess thousands of hours of flight experience, making their advice on air safety and tactical maneuvers invaluable. Booking your aviation adventure is as simple as visiting an aviation adventure website and choosing the flight package that best suits your aviation dreams.

If you are serving in the military, you may be deployed in places where you may have limited access to your personal finances. You may not be able to check regularly your mails, your account balances and your credit report. Identity thieves may take benefit of such situation. They may use your identity for many fraudulent purposes like applying for a new credit in your name. After you come back and realize it, you may get a shock of your life.

Flying a Real Combat Plane With Real Fighter Pilots

Fighter Pilots

To avoid such mishaps, you should take the following precautions –

1. You can request to your credit bureau for placement of an ‘active duty alert’ on your credit report. This means, if any new credit is applied in your name in your absence, the creditor needs to verify your details before granting any such credit. Such alert is valid for one full year and you can request for its removal anytime. If you are away for more than a year, you can request extension of this alert also. This extension may be requested by your personal representative.

2. Needless to say, you military ID should be safeguarded. You should keep it with you all the times or in a secured place.

3. You should not leave your credit cards with someone else. Instead you can keep them in a secured place.

4. While accessing your e-mails, you should not open e-mails which you feel suspicions or unsolicited. In fact you should not access your emails from a public terminal as far as possible. If you are required to do that, you should be careful to close all your accounts before you leave the place.

5. You should not use obvious passwords like your date of birth or the maiden name of your mother or your social security number.

6. While on duty, you should never give your personal information to anyone on phone. This is especially true for your social security number.

7. While you are away, your mail should not go on piling up in your mailbox. Either you should request someone to collect it regularly or you should use a P.O. Box number to divert all your mail there.

8. When you come back from your duty, you will check all your paper mail. At that time, do not throw away paper statements or other documents without shredding them. You should carefully look at the bank statements to find out whether there is any unknown purchase or unexpected withdrawal from your account.

Identity thieves are always on the lookout for military people as they are away from their residence for a lot of time and when they come back, they are not very particular about checking their credit card or bank account statements. The crimes of identity theft have reached new heights in U.S. and you should not fall into the obvious traps of identity thieves.

With the United States leading the way with its operational F-22 Raptor and soon to be operational F-35 Joint Strike Fighter other countries around the world are attempting to design their own fifth generation stealth fighters. Although the F-22 Raptor was developed by the United States, it should be noted that the F-35 JSF has been developed by a consortium of countries that have also placed orders for the technologically advanced aircraft.

Not only is the F-22 Raptor already operational with the US air force but it is the most advanced stealth fighter ever developed. The aircraft is light years ahead in stealth technology and design and well ahead of any other stealth designs under development or under testing today. The Raptor has advanced avionic and stealth technology, super agility thanks to thrust vectoring, exhaust cooling technology, super cruise ability and is a true multi-role fighter.

Perhaps the closest comparable current stealth fighter under development is the Chinese J-20 Stealth fighter currently undergoing testing. Not much is know about its flight capabilities, technical level, avionics, or stealth technology but it appears to be very advanced in its design and larger than the F-22 Raptor. There is speculation that it may be a larger stealth aircraft designed for long range interception and bombing roles.

Other counties such as India and Russia have developed new Stealth fighter technology such as the Russian T-50 Stealth fighter but it does not appear to be in the same category as the Raptor. Japan has plans to begin developing its own stealth fighter after it was shut out of purchasing the F-22 Raptor from the United States. Also the European consortium that developed the Euro fighter have developed stealth designs and have not ruled out developing their own stealth aircraft in the future.

The next two decades of stealth aircraft development will be interesting and exiting as counties continue to improve and develop more sophisticated aircraft. The F-22 Raptor is thought to rule the skies today but it is unknown how long that will remain the case. The United States will surely develop the next generation stealth fighter and use their many years of stealth development expertise to try and remain at the forefront of military aviation technology.

We cheer you on -loudly and clearly at the top of our voices –father, mother, sister, brother, cousins and other relatives with our never ending support to you–our fighting men and women whom we have not seen for quite a while. We are thankful to you and especially- ALL troops who secure our borders – night and day every single day – to ensure our comfort and safety in our beloved land.

Friends and countrymen, let us now give them something to remind them of our home sweet home with a taste of the sweet juices of the finest citrus fruits from our homeland –fresh picked oranges, ruby red grapefruits, tangelos, tangerines and other oranges to brighten their day–from Florida citrus fruit trees.

Whether you send a crate of naturally sweet navel oranges, bowl of decorative platter, crown jewel tower, or any combination of mouth watering fruit assortment, they are guaranteed to provide sensational taste and soothe the troops appetites when they need it the most.

Nothing you send is too small for expressing your very special well wishes to them in their far off posts. Imagine the comfort and joy they will have when the sink their teeth into your gift of joy-Florida’s fresh picked oranges with their pulpy and delicious juices from our citrus fruit trees.

These experiences will no doubt enlighten their spirits and remind them of their fond memories of home, you and our homeland which they protect with their lives every day. The juicy oranges taste will bring back sweet memories that will rejuvenate and strengthen their minds of their purpose, mission and goals of their tour of duty.

Let us engage in rejuvenating and up keeping their confidence in their jobs. These gift baskets of oranges and other citrus fruits will heighten their spirits and their sense of duty, all because you showed you care about their welfare and future with your small token gift.

So, take a bold step and make an effort to provide some joy–from our citrus fruit tress from Florida -for all these wonderful military personnel who volunteered their time and continue to provide their services in the name of their country.

Best wishes and may all the blessings provide the comfort and joy for peace in the world.

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