Why Ex Military Make Great Online Business Leaders

Why Ex Military Make Great Online Business Leaders

Ex Military  — The same can be said for ex police, it is all about discipline, working as a team, quietly following orders but also being ready to think for themselves in a crisis. I have always been surprised how many great online business leaders are ex military but when it comes down to it, they have what a lot of us lack, self discipline, the ability to see a project through to the end and the ability to not allow themselves to deviate from their goal.

So for us to achieve success with our online businesses, we must look at how these leaders work. What motivates them and how they put into practice what they preach. Many of us could not submit to the discipline of the armed forces but maybe we should study how they work and learn from them.

A simple example would be that of our working environment. Whether we are working on our own in a quiet atmosphere or having to build a business with the disruption of family around us, we should be able to turn off any distractions either physically or mentally and just concentrate on what we are doing.

In the perfect world we would be able to work in our own time and home office, but for many of us who have to work around other people and commitments this is not only difficult but can become a good excuse. We often say that we are too busy, have no peace and quiet and cannot be a success because of these factors. But look at military people, they have to concentrate in all conditions and carry out their job whether they are on their own or in company.

What I have learnt from these military business leaders is that they plan everything diligently, allocate their time precisely and when they start a project, they do not give up or stray from it until it is finished. They cannot start a campaign and give up half way because it is boring or something else more interesting distracts them.

Initially I would not have thought of ex military or police officers as online entrepreneurs, but they are proving that they are and instead of envying their commitment and diligence we should be actively following in their footsteps and building our own campaigns and systems to keep us on the straight and narrow towards our goal of being successful and great online business leaders.

Do you ever wonder what the military does with all the things that they no longer need? There are so many people in the service that they surely have an abundance of things which they no longer use. Throwing these things away would be a big waste especially if the things are still in good condition and can still be used. Of course the best thing for them to do is to turn these things into money through military surplus auctions.

Every now and then the military holds a sale where they sell these excess stocks at very low prices. You may have heard about stories of helicopters or jeeps being sold at awfully cheap prices but it does not stop there. Surprisingly there are many different things that you can find at an auction like this. You may be wondering if there is anything that you will find useful, let me tell you that indeed there is.

Don’t just expect to find things for war, self defense and battles. No you won’t be bidding for grenades and bombs. Instead you can expect to find everyday items like clothes and shoes. Of course these may not be your regular store bought ones but they are sturdy and can be great for heavy duty work. Military coats are also available as well as rain wear.

You will also be able to find items such as duffel bags and backpacks which are great for traveling since they can hold so much. Hammocks will work well in your own backyard and can be used during camping and nature trips. Parachutes are good cover-ups for large outdoor areas and parties.

Why Ex Military Make Great Online Business Leaders

For those looking for something to put in their pantry or include in their emergency kits, there are also rations and other emergency foods. Since these don’t spoil or expire easily they can be ideal to keep around the house in case of a disaster.

Even items such as towels, blankets, linens and cots can all be found in military surplus auctions. If you’re thinking that there isn’t anything for you in an auction like this, think again. You might be surprised how many things you will find useful and how many things you’ll want to take home with you. The next time that there is something like this in your area or online don’t pass up the chance to own some great things.

The traditional four-year path to a college degree is not conducive to success for all individuals. As some students may not feel confident choosing a particular major or career path immediately after high school, they may wish to discover new interests and gain work experience through the military before they pursue higher education. Once they do, however, military degrees can provide an entirely new future.

Fortunately, online colleges let current and former soldiers explore their interests and work toward a degree without abandoning their personal and professional responsibilities. These students may choose to enroll in distance degree programs while they serve in order to determine which field they wish to enter after they have completed their duties.

Coupling higher education with military service could help some individuals gain firsthand experience in their field of choice while they gain the educational qualifications they will need to land a job in the civilian world. On the job training will segue-way into a great career with some experience already under your belt.

One of the most seamless ways to accomplish this is to enroll in an online degree program. This will allow you to work on courses during your downtime, as opposed to waiting to begin schooling when you’ve finished your service.

Soldiers who choose to study law enforcement could gain a competitive edge in their campus-based or distance degree program, as they may gain additional knowledge of ethics, discipline and weaponry while they complete their service. They will already possess many of the skills needed to perform well at this type of job.

Online college degree programs on certain subjects could also help individuals who have served in a war to transition into civilian life. For instance, soldiers who are pursuing psychology degrees may learn methods to cope with traumatic experiences and teach these techniques to their fellow soldiers. A degree in information technology would also be an easy transition, after working with sophisticated equipment and cutting edge, state of the art programs during their your service time.

Furthermore, these students may be able to apply their knowledge to a new career. Former soldiers can maintain their connection to the military by using their degrees to become counselors or law enforcement officers. There are so many career options for former military members, the best way to transition into a civilian career is to further your education first.

Due to their demonstrated loyalty, discipline and strong work ethic, soldiers who have earned college degrees may be particularly desirable to employers. Because these individuals have already worked in a hierarchical environment, hiring managers could see they are able to follow directions, uphold commitments and take pride in their work. In turn, they may have a competitive edge over other candidates during the application process.

When I walked into his room, I knew he was dying. His face looked gaunt, as if the muscles that once pulled a frown, and parted a smile chased by laughter had dried up. Yet, he managed a weak smile when he saw me in uniform.

As I approached the side of his bed, I smelled his death as if it clung to the air around him like an apparition, patiently awaiting its final embrace. The scent of it was different from combat death. In war, death is liquid red, raw flesh, shattered bone. It smelled as if life lingered, the passing soul shocked by the awareness that twenty was the totality of its years.

He spoke softly, greeted me, and sounded as if he truly felt happy I survived something I was not sure I cared to have survived.

Survival is not living, I wanted to tell him, but he would not have understood. On the other hand, if he had, he might have misconstrued my intent.

I took his frail hand, grasped it expecting the strength it once revealed, and found him unable to grip my fingers. When I was a boy, he would act as if he planned to crush my hand, squeezing enough to water my eyes. As a master carpenter, he wielded a hammer, and I watched in awe as he drove sixteen-penny nails into two by fours with three blows.

We spoke, innocuous subjects avoiding the past. While we did, my mind wandered. Two weeks earlier, I slept in a combat zone, discussed killing the enemy with the appreciation only a soldier might comprehend. Them or us, we knew. They used the cover of night, falling rain, and boldness to assault our sandbag lined shelters.

Gunfire, artillery rounds roared at 3a.m. like locomotives racing fifty feet overhead. The heated rounds ignited air molecules as they forced their bulk along a path destined to terminate fifteen or more lives.

Since I ordered the attack, I listed with headphones to the sound of incoming, heard the heated rounds whistling to the earth as if it was a movie. They exploded over the electronic sensors planted on an enemy infiltration trail through the jungle blasting the voices I had heard minutes earlier while they talked and laughed, the voices that alerted me that the enemy moved in our direction.

I listened to them die, died with them, roughly removed the headphones and realized I could no longer see the world I knew that afternoon. Nature’s darkness quivered around me, the room’s light, too, seemed to fade. With a shock-steadied hand, I lit a cigarette, stared into the flame, wondered why it did not extinguish when I blew on it.

His weak fingers found strength enough to close on mine as if even though he was dying, he understood the place I had just visited. I looked into his northern German blue eyes; saw him studying me with a wisdom I once wished I might share with a man from his generation.

Now, his words did not form, but then I no longer needed them. What flowed silently between us felt stronger, like a bond given from an older man to a younger man as had been done for a thousand generations. Warriors walked the same path, through the same history, and when we glanced over our shoulders, saw those who strode before us. The trail was a long narrow corridor of time strewn with the fallen.

He did not know, that I at twenty-one knew I was older than he was, at seventy-five.

Facing death in combat left me indifferent to death outside of the battlefield. I struggled to move into a civilian life, and never again spent time with him that passed more than a casual greeting.

He died three weeks to the day after I returned home, six or more months beyond the time his doctor told him he had left to live.

And, I mourn him still.

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