Revisiting Army Clothing

Revisiting Army Clothing

Army Clothing — What makes army clothing so popular? Today, as you walk in the streets, there are many people going about their daily lives wearing at least one piece of military clothing. Read this article and get the basic idea on why people go for military clothes especially army clothes for everyday wear.

One of the interesting facts about army surplus goods and army clothing is that they retain their own style throughout the passing years. Army clothing is not just a fad no longer, all the rage after a season or even two.

Sometimes, when you shop for clothes that have been sold in the military, you can find things that have been made a long time ago and are still in good shape. Some of them still retain the quality that they have when they were first manufactured even after continuous wear and tear.

Most army goods are composed of basic colors such as green, khaki, and black. Still, others come in colors such as blue, beige, and white. Army colors can match well with other clothes of different colors and present a fantastic choice for generating a corresponding outfit for almost any event. Army clothes are also extremely comfortable to wear, making the wearer maneuver easily when wearing them.

Revisiting Army Clothing

There are a lot of reasons why many people like you and me love to purchase military clothing. Most of the time military clothing especially this clothing is worn when someone has a loved one in the military. Most parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children often make the choice to wear army surplus merchandise as a way of showing their unwavering support.

There are even cute little army girlfriend clothing t-shirts that can be worn by those who are proud of their boyfriend in the army. These t-shirts make romantic statements such as “An army man has my heart.” and “Proud Army Girlfriend.”

Another reason that makes military clothing so popular is that these goods such as army t-shirts and army sweatshirts were initially intended to offer protection for solders throughout all types of weather conditions. Most clothing worn by those in the army are made of fibers with really high quality that make it the most durable and reliable clothes to wear especially during outdoors.

Army clothing surplus not only sell surplus clothing but also army gear that consist flashlights, knives, eyewear, gas masks, and bags. They also sell durable items for outdoor activities such as tents.

Enjoy the benefits of owning these clothing surplus even though you have never been in the army. Most of these clothing and army apparel are most commonly found in second-hand stores or thrift shops near your own home if not in an army clothing surplus store. If there is no available store nearby where you live, try finding stores offering really first-rate quality items on the internet.

Many would content that China has only good intentions as it grows economically and moves forward. In fact, a recent RAND Report claims that “China’s International Behavior” is purely peaceful and it is merely going about its business attempting to garner the resources it needs to keep growing its economy and bring its nation up to its full potential. Others content that this is not exactly so and point to the rather bold military buildup in China.

Interestingly enough, no one in their right mind would attack China at this juncture, so one could ask why the big military buildup? Well, I suppose we don’t need to look any farther than the island off their coast to get the answer; Taiwan and understand that the only thing keeping them from forced re-unification is the US Military, and thus, China feels it needs to match forces. Of course, as China builds its Red Army it is flexing its muscles early and often.

This has concerned many of its neighbors, and perhaps for good reason. In fact, nearly all of its immediate neighbors and nearby neighbors have made mention of such, as China reaches out its tentacles in search of oil, natural resources, water, fishing rights, and flexing its will into disputed territorial areas of the past. Despite RANDs assessment about International Behavior, I’d say the evidence is quite clear, and this is why China’s neighbors are worried.

A knowledgeable gentleman from India on this topic, P.K. Chaudhuri Noida recently noted that India’s “defense experts report there is on an average one intrusion per day by Chinese army across the line of control.” He also suggests fortified artillery be set up to stop the Chinese aggression and suggests that; “Another aspect of this issue is too much procurement of costly military hardware from foreign countries by the [Indian] government.”

He further suggest that indigenous defense weapons be manufactured and then sold and exported to other nations to help pay for the cost of defense, claiming that this will also help the economy and create jobs, as well as morale for the Indian Army, stating; “We must manufacture more number of artilleries, aircraft, helicopters, tanks, missiles etc. and simultaneously improve the performance of these products.” For instance he suggests the following defensive equipment:

Tejas Aircraft,
155mm Artillery,
ALH Dhruv,
Helina Missile

Okay so, does China’s Army have less than good intentions when it comes to their neighboring nation-states in the region? Who’s assessment is correct, a gentleman in the know from India, or a politically-motivated think tank in Santa Monica, CA. And realize generally I am not one to criticize RAND, but if they put out such assessments which have not been peer reviewed properly, or do not face common sense reality, or actual happenings in the real world, I’d say that they aren’t worthy of print. Please consider all this.

The other day, someone in our think tank asked me if I was worried about the Chinese Red Army’s Navy – my answer is “no, but I am keeping an eye on it,” and let me tell you why. First, China doesn’t have any large enemies that it can’t handle, so it really doesn’t need such a large military or Navy unless it is planning on a future war, with someone very big. But who might that be? I only know of one military that is larger than China’s military and that is the US Armed Forces.

You see, the other day I was chatting with an acquaintance online about an incident whereby a Chinese Submarine surfaced in the middle of the “US-South Korea War Games,” and we agreed that they too had the right to be there, and although ill-advised to surface in the middle of war games since the US or South Korea may have miss identified the submarine as a North Korean sub, thus be blown to kingdom come – we realize that we don’t own those waters and were merely there due to an invite to participate from South Korea. China was invited too, but originally turned down the invitation you see.

On one hand China doesn’t seem to want to participate as a military partner, yet is intent on spying on the US military industrial complex, using corporate espionage tactics to steal secrets. Sure, every nation has spies, but we are China’s greatest asset, and business partner in trade. So, why all the hostility, if it was not for the USA, China wouldn’t have the money to build its military forces up that big in the first place.

Now then, without going into anything confidential, secret, or classified, perhaps, I might enlighten you to some of my thoughts based on the little bit of information about China which has already been blasted across the World Media. Indeed, I have some concerns that folks are not as concerned about this as I am.

Consider if you will the challenges which China presents from a National Security and Policy perspective. And, I’d ask about why the RAND Corps paper “China’s International Behavior” – dismissed China as a potential future adversary. The reason I ask is that I was dismayed at the complete brush over of China’s military build-up in that RAND Report, and later when I read the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review, it was if both those reports were at opposite ends of things.

RAND (which stands for Research and NO Development) painted a rosy picture of China completely driven inward, while I noted the “String of Pearls” has accelerated along many maritime choke points, with new ports opening up funded by China throughout the region, even back-door supply chains to the country – tentacles everywhere. Even in Papa New Guinea there is activity.

Obviously, we see the writing on the wall – China is not only looking after its own interests which is understandable, and yes every nation has the right to defend itself, however the resource scavenger hunt is taking them to 5 continents now, and with ports all over and anti-ship missiles being deployed – it appears there is a bit of future military strategy going on, ever play the game RISK?

Since, China is and has been selling weapons to our enemies, used a telecommunication company to help Saddam with a missile defense system, offering more weapons to Iran, sold weapons to the Taliban, and continues to egg on N. Korea to bog us down in the region – not to mention the incursion in the Taiwan Straits (P-3 incident, US warship intervention), Fishing Boat (drilling) Fiasco in the Sea of Japan, or the technology theft around the world, especially in the US – wouldn’t it appear that the US military needs to stay at the top of its game?

And of course, that’s hardly all of it, just what is readily available to those who read the world news. You see our nation here at home is crawling with looky-lou Chinese spies – yes, not just Chinese, the Russians too? They want our submarine and Navy tech badly, our laser weapon research, stealth technologies, and high-tech material science knowledge. They want to know how we make it, how we use it, and how they can take it from us.

Well, as the founder of the Online Think Tank, that’s what I think, but tell me what do you think or are you still comfortable in that little box of yours?

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