An Aviation Adventure is Now at Your Fingertips

An Aviation Adventure

An Aviation Adventure — It used to be that only licensed fighter pilots enjoyed the exhilarating, action packed experience of flying fighter planes. But times have changed, and now anyone can take to the sky in an air to air combat plane for an afternoon of twists, turns, dips and dives that create a flight experience unlike any other.

Make no mistake: piloting a high performance airplane isn’t for sensitive stomachs, but if speeding towards the stratosphere while doing a series of ratchet rolls is your idea of fun, then it’s time to take the cockpit with an experienced, aviation adventure fighter pilot and enjoy the flight experience of a lifetime.

The kinds of flights offered by companies in the aviation adventure industry typically range from low maneuver flights to high maneuver flights that simulate air at air combat. The low maneuver flights are a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding scenery and develop a basic feel for high performance airplanes, while the high maneuver flights offer head spinning aerobatics that are sure to satisfy even the bravest adrenaline junkies.

Tailslides, vertical rolls, outside loops, knife edge spins and flat spins are the norm. You even have the option of the plane emitting smoke streams, just like in a real air show.

But if that’s not enough, you can always move up to the simulated combat flights. Not only will you experience all of the spins, rolls and other combat maneuvers employed by fighter pilots, but you’ll also receive an authentic tactical debriefing prior to ascent.

You also have the option of engaging in simulated air combat-USA military style-with an adversary fighter plane. Yes, you even get to fire simulated bullets while looking through a real gun sight. Pull the trigger and you hear the sound of machine gun fire.

Whichever flight style you choose, you’ll be given the option of letting the pilot do the flying or taking the controls yourself and using the pilot as a back-up. Before you leave the ground, you’ll receive safety training and detailed instructions for piloting the aircraft. Last but not least, you also get the benefit of a multi-view audiovisual system that records your flight experience.

By now, you’re probably wondering just how much these fun-filled adventures cost. For a single flight package, you can typically expect to spend between $500.00 and $700.00, with a good portion of the cost going towards fuel and mechanical maintenance.

For larger packages, which include both single day, multi flight packages and multi day, multi flight packages, you should prepare to spend anywhere from $1000.00 to $3500.00, depending on the specifications of your flight package, which are entirely up to you.

Aside of mandatory training in air safety procedures, pilots at aviation adventure outfits let customers decide the terms and conditions of their flight experience, which makes aviation adventures suitable for healthy individuals of all ages who are looking for a fun, safe, one of a kind thrill that doubles as a learning experience.

When purchasing an airsoft vest there are many factors you need to look at. Pay attention to the design and layout of pouches (if they are fastened permanently), quality of the materials and stitching (where it’s made), functions, and look and feel. Make sure it is the right color or camouflage pattern.

Also choose the best size fit so you can have full range of motion, and think about the thickness of the material. If you are going to be wearing your airsoft vest in hot temperatures you might want to find one that is thin or made of a mesh material.

Some airsoft vests have permanent fixed pouches places on them. If this is the case you need to decide if the configuration will work for you since you can’t change it. Think about how well you might be able to reach and access those pouches. Like if you are right handed or left handed it can change things. However, most new MOLLE vests are open for you to place items wherever you want to. We would recommend one of these since you will probably discover better ways to configure your airsoft vest with experience.

Figure out whether the vest can store all the airsoft gear and accessories you will need. Also choose a color or pattern that is to your liking or blends well with your surroundings you will be in.

Find an airsoft vest that is durable and made out of high quality material. A 1000 Cordura material is very strong and might be your best bet at making your vest last a long time. Check whether the zippers and velcro are strong. Does it zip up easily or not? Your airsoft vest should be able to withstand heavy activity without fraying or tearing. The more you invest in a good quality vest now, the less you will have to pay up in the long run for repairs or a new vest all together.

Make sure your vest fits you well. Does it have good adjustments or not enough adjustment options? Check your ability to move while wearing the airsoft vest. Do you have full or nearly full range of motion? You need to be mobile like normal. This isn’t supposed to be like wearing plate mail.

If you are doing airsoft in hot temperatures or if you get hot easily, it might be good to get a mesh vest. The 5.11 Tactical Vest is a good option in this case. It is very light weight, form fitting, tough, and has full MOLLE coverage. Check the inner lining of your vest for breathability. Some vests put a glaze-like lining on the inside of the vest material, but this reduces breathability a lot.

Like most things, you get what you pay for. Sometimes you can find those gems though. The airsoft vest that’s great quality and low priced. Usually the prices range from $50 to $200.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to choose a vest with all these important factors to consider. Let us help you find the right airsoft vest and equipment for you! Just sign up for our completely FREE program and we’ll get you hooked up!

Infidelity and the Military

One area of infidelity seldom in the limelight is that of infidelity in the military. There are problems of infidelity with both those who serve in the military and with their spouses. The topic is one that is often surrounded in secrecy, yet in need of being dealt with.

Officially, the military does not condone infidelity. Infidelity can lead to a court martial in some cases. Adultery in the military is not something new, history documents how this was an issue with ancient armies, including the Biblical account of King David having relations with the wife of one of his commanders.

Spouses of those who serve in the military often identify themselves with the profession. You often hear of “Army wives” or “Navy wives”. In the present military this now includes “Army dad” and “navy dad”. The Army wife or Army Dad often face the challenges of raising the family while their spouse is away on deployment. The identifying moniker also carries with it the feeling that they themselves are married to either the marines, army, navy, air force, coast guard, etc.

This close identification with the profession is a trait that couples in these circumstances share with law enforcement. Besides sharing the close identification law enforcement also share the similar challenges of constant life-threatening dangers and the lure of the uniform.

Divorce Rates and the Uniform Military Code

Although it is not often mentioned, the divorce rate for those men serving in the military has increased since 2005. The divorce rate for the women serving has not increased so dramatically. The divorce rate for enlisted personnel is higher than that of the officers.

When affairs occur, military couples often address the issue quickly. When in the military, the fastest way to address such concerns often involves seeing the local chaplain. When couples want to address their infidelity issues, the issues of religious affiliation become a secondary concern while addressing their marital issues is a primary concern.

In the military care circles, the term ‘offender’ is often the preferred term for the cheater. The resolute spouse is referred to in terms of ‘non-offending’ spouse. Although the term ‘offense’ seems strong, yet the act of adultery is an offense defined in the Uniform Military Code (Article 134). Experience has taught those in military units, that adultery breaks down unit cohesion and is viewed as “prejudicial to good order and discipline.”

Stressors and Challenges in military life

There are many unique stressors associated with military life that make infidelity a challenge. Here is a list of some of those stressors.

The opportunity and environment for one-night stands. When the service personnel have been in combat, there is often heavy drinking. The heavy drinking combined with a “go for it!” approach to life often creates volatile situations.

Living on the edge. The constant rush associated with combat and danger often re-program the brain. Doing things for excitement can become a stronger drive than doing what is right. When a brain is accustomed to the constant stimulation, it often starts to view that as ‘normal’, and seeks to create an environment where there is constant stimulation.

Close Bonding. In military units, there is close bonding that occurs. There are times when the bonding crosses lines into sexual or emotional activity.

Paybacks. In the military, there is a high risk of people engaging in risky behavior as a way to ‘payback’ their spouse for something that they have little control over while serving in the military.

Men and women in uniform. Uniforms often carry with them associations of power which are often sexualized. There are some singles who find themselves attracted to those in uniform. Those in the military often face unsolicited advances from such persons.

In dealing with the infidelity, the ‘offender’ often wants to move quickly past the offense, so that they can get on with life. In the military, the desire to ‘move on’ is a challenge, since their survival and performance in combat situations often depends on them being in good spirits. Since they often live life on a day-to-day basis, with constant dangers, there is no room for spending days or months in emotional turmoil.

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