The Investment Banker Salary and Bonuses

The Investment Banker Salary and Bonuses
JOYODU — Those contemplating to have a career in the finance industry may know that one of the most prestigious and hottest occupations in this day and age is investment banker, which is perhaps the reason why many start searching for Investment Banker Salary to further convince them of the career path they are about to choose.
Investment bankers indeed play such an important role in the world these days – not only important, the role of this position is also highly regarded as vital. This is due to the fact that investment bankers are behind every financial transaction, and also the fact that every single business deal made in the stock markets around the world is initially brought to the table by those in this occupation.
From merger and acquisition deal, to initial public offering as well as security offering. Not only behind all of these activities, the duty of investment bankers also extend well beyond that – advising their clients on derivatives or other investment opportunities, for example.

However, due to their behind closed doors nature, their importance often go by unnoticed by the public in general. But to investors who have been gaining capital in various stock markets, the role and importance of investment bankers are the first things they came to learn in the very beginning. How can it not when investment bankers are the ones who act on behalf of these investors?

As agents of these investor, investment bankers hold not just one, but multiple roles at once. They start from conducting research of the market in question in the form of market analysis as well as legal analysis, and when companies or investors want to invest and raise money through the market, the first individual they must approach in order to get both of the aforementioned analyses is an investment banker.

Only after these companies or investors have gotten the analyses and learned about it in depth will they be able to gauge their own viability. Investment bankers will then be able to determine whether or not the investor or company in question should raise money through equity or debt issuance. Given their role and importance, it’s no wonder that the Investment Banker Salary is through the roof.

The Investment Banker Salary and Bonuses

The salary is the primary reason that drives many young and ambitious finance students to go right into the investment banking world after they graduated from college. Entering the workforce in this day and age is extremely tough and climbing the career ladder is even worse, but amid the ever increasing demand of a career, career in investment banking is one of the few available careers that can recruit a fresh graduate with nothing but a Bachelor degree, and better yet?

Give them a remarkable starting pay, which can well surpass the six figure mark in the first year they have obtained the degree. While salaries largely depend on the firm, new graduates with Bachelor’s degree start as either a junior analyst or an assistant with starting salary of more than $75,000 and another $25,000 for signing bonus.

The signing bonus is not the only bonus that this position can offer, depending on how well they do the job, their bonus can touch $40,000 mark and another bonus is about 15% to 50% of their starting salary. However, should you sign up as an investment banker with a Master’s degree under your belt, as opposed to Bachelor’s degree, you will not start as a junior analyst or an assistant – rather, you will start as an associate.

The starting Investment Banker Salary for new investment bankers who have a Master’s degree is known to range between $120,000 and $220,000 with signing bonus included.

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