Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School for Studying Natural and Social Environment
Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School for Studying Natural and Social Environment

Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School For Studying Natural And Social Environment

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Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School or BUGS becomes one school option which offers a little bit different education for the students. Of course parents have different idealism about what kind of education which should be given to their children. Instead of the standard type of education, some parents consider the alternative education because they want to give different value for their kids. It means that they need to find the school which can offer the education which is resemble to the value they want. If parents are looking for this kind of education, BUGS must be a perfect place for the kids to study.


This school is kind of charter school which is based on community. The students of this school will study anything associated to the natural as well as social environment across any kind of subjects. The approach which is used by BUGS is inquiry based and hands on approach. The students can come from various backgrounds as well as abilities. Some school usually will be specialized for the students with specific background as well as abilities but any student can study in this school no matter what kind of ability and background they have. Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School can be a small middle school but it is also welcoming school. With this school, the students will be able to get strong academic skills. The school atmosphere is safe, welcoming, as well as respectful so any learner will get best support from the school. The collaboration between teachers can be found in regular basis for creating the interdisciplinary projects. When studying in this school, the students will design, build, and also maintain garden on the site as well as habitat of native wildlife.

Pros and Cons

Parents of course have to consider about the pros and cons which can be found from the school before they make decision for making their kids studying in certain school. BUGS can be a great school for the right parents as well as kids for sure. There are some good sides which can be found from this school. It is great that the focus of the school is on outdoor learning, sustainability, as well as gardening experiences. This is something which can be found rarely in this digital era after all. However, parents have to realize that this school is still coming as community. This can be a reason which makes them not choose Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School.

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